Last one. This one based on the children’s taunt “Nyah nyah” which turns out is universal in every country in the world. Here I pushed the limits of 8-bit 22k WAV speed on my 1988 Tandy 1000 TL, in 1990. I think I make a couple of interesting chord changes here. Uploaded description from 1993 below in my *last* cloud backup, 24 years ago, when I sent it to PC-Link/AOL, which 10 years later was saved by Jeffrey L Hayes, whose site still has them and other things. [ Tandy Deskmate Music] #chiptune [although not strictly chiptune, but not yet “wavetable” either. Just the weird unique way Tandy did their DAC + 3 voice sound – ahead of its time and a sign of things to someday come] File: NYAH_1.SNG (1678 bytes) Estimated Download Time (12649 baud): 1 minute Download Count: 133 Equipment: Tandy Sound Needs: DeskMate Music Application Keywords: Udut, Music, Song Type: Freely Distributable Another wierd one from K Udut. You’ve heard kids all around the world say Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Well – hear it as you’ve never heard it before!

Last one. This one … [read full article]