One more for you Timothy Fugmann – Inspired by Widor and a love of old #Videogame #music – I made a #chiptune of Widor’s 5th Symphony using Pixitracker – one of many amazing creations by the unbelievable genius Alexander Zolotov – Since the program accepts keyboard MIDI input.. but I don’t have a MIDI connection, I used MIDI-OX and LoopBe1 to act as separate MIDI inputs for 8 instances of Pixitracker. I never did it before but when it was done, I felt pretty proud. I like understanding things at a deep level [as deep as I can stand – there’s ALWAYS people who understand things far more deeply than I] – and this satisfied my bucket list of comprehending midi channels and chaining and such. I just didn’t have an interesting enough reason to try in all these years, but turning Widor into a 1980s videogame song AS IF it’s playing on 8 separate machines simultaneously and synchronized? Yeah, I couldn’t pass that up.


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