Zouheir – skeptics driving me nuts. So I did basic research. Here it is.

Ken, did you find any reputable sources that specifically identify him as Muslim? I shared your post and I’ve got some folks asking about that element of the story. His name is suggestive

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Kenneth Udut
Kenneth Udut Tanios BouRamia Do you mean like the Kabbalah “Zohar”?

Zouheir is a common Tunisian first name.

There is a soccer player named https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zouheir_Dhaouadi for example.

I don’t see much reason to believe that there wasn’t a Tunisian security guard working that day who did what he did with the name of Zouheir.

Zouheir Dhaouadi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Kenneth Udut
Kenneth Udut Tanios BouRamia Of course it’s always good to be skeptical of media. From what I can tell so far, the main reporters were:




“—Noemie Bisserbe contributed to this article.”

So, if you want to go any deeper, feel free. Three people you can ask.

Joshua Robinson – News, Articles, Biography, Photos – WSJ.com
Profile & bio for Joshua Robinson – All WSJ coverage on Joshua Robinson, including the latest news, articles, quotes, blog posts, photos, videos and more.
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Kenneth Udut
Kenneth Udut and Tanios BouRamia https://twitter.com/NBisserbe is likely the main source because she is working in France for the WSJ already.

So, there you go. Everything you need.

Noemie Bisserbe (@NBisserbe) | Twitter
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Kenneth Udut
Kenneth Udut Tanios BouRamia If you have conspiracy minded friends, remind them they have Google. Also remind them that these are news reports written by human beings. These human beings are likely on the Internet. They are likely very easy to get a hold of and ASK.

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Kenneth Udut
Kenneth Udut There. I sent her a Tweet.

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