Yup – that’s my boy out there! Take pride in those who came before as helping make you who you are today.

Thanks We’re all striving for a better world, each according to their strengths. Since there’s not yet a magic, “Make everything better at once” bomb, or a set of magic words we could say that would reverberate through the world, make them stop and go, “ohh! I see now!” and then improve… the efforts must continue.

Had I been more bold, I’d happily been traveling, giving talks, educating, distributing information, yet that’s not a strength of mine. Sitting behind my computer and typing a lot is where I’m strong I’m an armchair philosopher. Yet unlike armchair philosophers of old, the ability to connect vast distances and engage at some level through the Internet is extraordinarily powerful, so I don’t feel hampered.

Seeing you doing what you do, and having a historical connection to what you’re doing – gives me kind of a “grandpa”/”uncle” feeling of, “Yup – that’s my boy out there!” – and, well, I’m proud of you.

I read the works of John Holt (Unschooling / why johnny can’t read) and about Summerhill school back when I was in middle school – just tripping over them in the library.. and being fascinated that there were *alternatives* out there, not just to education but to how I thought of myself in relation to the world.

And I’d like to think that, if John Holt or the guy that founded Summerhill decades ago, or other people who never even knew me, they’d look forward in time and see my efforts that I did and go, “Yup – that’s my boy out there!”

I’m weird though; I think of Time as kind of like that Thanks again man.

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