Yup. I’ve used Tor – 7 yrs ago and downloaded something.

I try to pay attention somewhat, just because I like to know “what’s happening”.  But while I talk to interesting people, anything I do would be just nerdy and boring in their eyes, although interesting to me.  I save everything so if they ever wanted my info, I’d say “here ya go”.  I even stuck all my writings on http://icopiedyou.com – well, in-the-process-of – there’s a LOT that’s not there yet.

My name, location, phone number, email… all easy to find. No NSA required.  People I talk to? All public.  Proxies/VPN/type stuff I’ve played around with?  Yup. I did.

7 years ago I downloaded a $450 scanning software using Tor. Took forever to download.  I scanned it – virus free – used it for my project… then deleted it when I was done with my project.  Company that made it was long eaten up by someone else and scanning is much easier now so nobody really cares.

That doesn’t make it right.  But I treated it like a public library situation; I used it for what i needed and then deleted it, short term, borrowing.  So it’s wrong but I’ll ‘fess up and wouldn’t mind paying for it if I really had to.

I stay 99.44% legitimate because there’s almost never any reason for me to be illegitimate or break someone’s rules.  But I have on rare occasion because the world runs slower than I do and if I pay later in terms of a fee or fine, I will.   That was the last time I used Tor though; 7 yrs ago.  It was a new thing anyway – I like checking out new technology when it comes out.  I saw it was P2P, did something with it that I needed, deleted it all and just check back about once a year to see “what’s new”, but it’s just more of the same ol’ stuff.  Nothing I need in there.

But everybody’s needs are different. Rules have their reasons for existing, people have their reasons for following/not following rules as they do.  I’m as honest as I can be, even with my flaws.  It’s just easier than picking and choosing :P

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