ystem that crosses through…

It’s funny – I don’t watch Glee – but only because I *know* – I really do – that I would get hooked on it. And when I get hooked on a show, I have to watch every episode, etc. But I know I would love the show if i started watching it. T?hat’s one of my favorite songs, btw – and I’ll always have idealism and practicality mixed in together along with a generous bit of hope and enough business sen…se to get the everyday details sorted out. if only I could be an eloquent speaker – that’s probably one of my greatest personal dreams – then I could gather all the fellow idealists together to brainstorm and make this thing a reality. I might do it through becoming a religion – but one based on science and knowledge with the human brain and “can-do spirit” as its deities. Religions have the greatest knowledge distribution system that crosses through… “

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