Youtube subject groupings

AI and language processing: AI-generated story, Chat GPT, Runway AI, DECTalk, voice synthesis, TTS, ASMR, synthesized voice, Google Translate, OCR, OPML, AI assistance, ZIM Desktop Wiki, Zim Wiki, autotune

Music and audio: chiptune, bass drop, black MIDI, Sonic Pi, Korg MS-2000, musical rhythm, piano, jazz scat, 8-bit, harpsichord, 12-string guitar, MIDI, Adlib tracker, OPL3 FM Synthesis, Yamaha YMF262, lo-fi jazz, accordion, harmonics, waveform, music visualization, Demonic Take On Me, Danny Minecraft MIDI, sound writing, animal sounds, fork scratching, piano phase, ambient music

Visual art and design: 3D modeling, fractals, Julia set, Escher’s Relativity, abstract paintings, ASCII art, dithering, grayscale, treemap, circlemap, Inkscape, line drawing, 3D shape, Laocoon, Voronoi, color cycling, Fractint, Torus, Spirograph, recursive Bézier, imagej, computer vision, video compression, Minecraft, NoCubes, Nanocad, 3D maze, Minecraft spelunking

Social media and online platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Usenet, gopherpedia, Wikipedia, text-only Facebook, Elinks, browsing

Software and tools: Microsoft Bob, Microsoft Excel, Windows, Macintosh, Tandy Deskmate, CRT, Korg MS 2000, Vectrex hologram, BASIC, GW-BASIC, Tandy 1000, DONKEY.BAS, IBM,, Processing, yEd, NETLOGO 6, text editor, CSV, Dewey Decimal

Mathematics and algorithms: Markov chain, Travelling Salesman Problem, Turing pattern, cellular automata, Hough transform, Control Theory, quantum theory, QBism, intuitionistic mathematics, mathematical morphology, Hilbert curve, L-system, fluid dynamics, fractals, strange attractor, chaos synthesizer, diffusion-limited aggregation, Crown Shyness

Physics and science: resonance, oscillator, quantum harmonic oscillator, Cooper pair, waveform, Earth, membrane, biology, metastability, Mexican Hat, synesthesia, cognition, behavior, neuroscience, ADHD

Games and entertainment: Inception, Minecraft, Doorway Effect, Zork, ASCIICKER, Cube world theme, gaming, retro, imagination, fiction, play, Earth, objects, processes, world building, perception test, old tech

Spirituality and mindfulness: spirituality, mindfulness, author’s thought patterns, brain maps, brain visualization, mood, The Gap, streaming idea

Social and cultural phenomena: furry fandom, Librarything, Greta Thunberg, Doctor Who, Ben Shapiro, boomer rap, Bal-A-Vis-X, Jack Stauber, Cole Bennett, Carl Azuz, CNN10

Computing and technology: parallel processing, Chapel Language, Tandy Color Computer, machines, news, maze solving, chiptune, Tuba, Flute, transition, tools, generalization, 3D, process, webcam, balloon pop, Dorime, Itsy Bitsy Spider, TV Static, Home Depot theme

Miscellaneous: spoken word, loop, languages, linkages, kinematics, Earth, circlemap, Éliane Radigue, evolved virtual creatures, piano, color cycling, Home Depot theme

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