You’re thinking like an ethical real estate business person. He’s not. It’s that simple.

I knew companies that went under thanks to him. It’s how he ran business. Make contracts then break them.

You’re thinking like an ethical real estate business person.

He’s not. It’s that simple.


You’re thinking like an ethical business person. I remember when he built the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City NJ (USA). People from my town were contracted.

They were told to supply the materials and labor ahead of time. I don’t remember the payment schedule, as I was just a teenager at the time and didn’t know details like that back then.

But they’d get shafted.

Even when contractors told OTHER contractors “Don’t do business with the Trump company”, they would anyway because, like you, they thought, “Oh, you’re just saying that because you were a bad contractor”. And THEY’D get shafted out of payment.

When they’d try to get together and sue, well, he had more expensive lawyers.


He’s had thousands of lawsuits against him through the years, from small contractors up to the Department of Justice and everything inbetween.

Some say “lawsuits are a part of business” and perhaps they are. But he’s had an awful lot of them. He’s not the only real estate / builder around. There’s many of them. An awful lot of lawsuits end up with him: either he’s suing somebody or they’re suing him.

It’s abnormal.


He used strong-arm techniques with companies that tried to insist that he pay. Way back in the 1980s, his connections to organized crime were well known. Organized crime in the USA isn’t like the movies. They’re not killing people all of the time. Rather, they threaten with force anybody who wants to ‘start trouble’.

This is one of the ways he kept a lot of people from suiing him or complaining to the newspapers.

But I got to hear about it because I was in a blue collar town where there were a lot of contractors, some of which were HAPPY to jump on a Trump project. His projects were big, claimed to pay well, lots and lots of promises.

Lots and lots of promises.

But he’s a scam artist. You may like him because you both have done real estate. [I’ve only done a little]. You may like him for other reasons.

But you don’t have to live under him. I do. So, I have to watch him carefully.


Of course. I’m sure a lot of contractors and workers had the robin hood attitude. I’ve known a lot of contractors that were scam artists.

I could tell dozens of stories of people who were screwed by the people they hired to build their houses or work on their real estate.

I’m sure some of what Trump has done was what any other business person would do: preventative lawsuits, guard against bad contractors, etc.

But he goes beyond that. He’s not an everyday businessman. He’s the *worst* example of a businessman.



My point is not all of the people he hired were angels. But he’s more of a devil than the worst of all of them combined.


Trump doesn’t work with contracts either. He has them written. He signs them. Then he finds ways to break them with lawyers.


Court is only for people with enough $$$, whether prosecution or defense. He had the money for the lawyers but the little people that worked for him did not. So, he usually wins everytime, regardless of right or wrong.

It’s not shocking to me because I’ve known of Donald Trump since the 1980s. He lived not that far from where I grew up.


He is what we’d call a “used car salesman”.


He’ll be sworn in as my nation’s President in 16 days. Even if he’s a saint, I still have to watch what he does because he’s either really stupid, really clever, or some strange combination or the two.



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