You’re talking about the Horseshoe thing and you’re not alone. A lot of people who consider themselves centrist

You’re talking about the Horseshoe thing and you’re not alone. A lot of people who consider themselves centrist (or “I’m really liberal because I smoke pot and believe in gay marriage but otherwise the authoritarians are correct ,ala Saargon / Bill Maher / etc) – and it’s tempting, but it doesnt hold up to scrutiny.

On the surface, I see a bunch of travelling LARPers on both sides who should stay the hell home and stop carrying their adolescent politics into protests having little directly to do with their own causes.

But that’s because America doesn’t do fascism / anti fascism battles correctly. Thank goodness too or things would be a lot worse. Somebody already died. They died. This is when the games have to stop and the LARPing should stay home.

But beyond that in the actual ideologies, they’re only the same on the surface.


On the surface they’re the same. In the little LARPing battles that they travel around the USA doing with their little wooden shields and symbols and shit, sure, they look the same.

But America does fascism/anti-fascism wrong and thank goodness for that.

Somebody died, dude. They died. The LARPing has to stop.

But beyond the LARPing, the ideologies have entirely different purposes. They’re not “ends of a spectrum” in a horseshoe.


How authoritarian of you. Good attempt anyway. True colors shinin’ thru.


simple binary’s appealing. I’ve been tempted a few times. I personally find the whole thing ridiculous and want to discard all of it in one easy swing.

But a lady got killed the other day. That’s not something that’s supposed to happen here. Protest all you want. Free Speech ’til you’re blue in the balls but it’s like a schoolyard battle where a kid lies died in the sandbox and the fighters are looking down like, “woah, that wasn’t supposed to happen man”.

And it’s not supposed to happen. Time for them to go home and stop playing politics.


No. The police took a while because it was supposedly just a group of people protesting a statue being moved / removed (I don’t know which) away from Town Hall in a town.

It wasn’t a place for fascist/anti-fascist battles to take place.


I don’t know why people are traveling in packs to these places continuing the same fights.


It’s like when people would take their battles to different forums online.

An innocent forum would be taken over by an ongoing battle, they’d drag the regular forum people into it, and then they’d leave, moving onto the next forum.

Seen it on BBS’, Usenet, forums, and on the various website discussions places through the years. It’s got a name but I don’t remember it.

They need to stay home now. Someone died. Put the little wooden shields away.


It’s mostly the same people though. Ideologically, they’re not horseshoe extremes.

But the idealists aren’t the people going there with the shields, pumping up the protesters and pumping up the anti-protesters.

The idealists are the regular people who are getting dragged into this shit, 1/2 aware they’re being used for a big roleplay.



If towns and universities would wisen up, they’d shut all the doors to all protesting for a while. But they’re blind to it right now and they’ll continue to be the playground of the shield bearing LARPers, dragging regular people into it.


The fascists/anti-fascists in Europe are laughing at America’s “protests”. I’ve been in a few discussions with euopreans on it and they find the way we’re doing it hysterically funny. So I’ve taken their attitude I guess.


If you like all the battling and taking sides thing and look forward to the next big battle on the schedule, go for it man. But I want the LARPing to go home. It’s abnormal in the USA for someone to die at these things as a direct result. They gotta go home already.

If you want a police state, this is how you get a police state.


Yeah. People aren’t supposed to die at protest events. Hurt? Yeah. Slapping faces? Yeah. But dead? No.


They’re play acting and dragging people like you and me and the people in these universities into their skirmishes.

There’s no revolution happening right now. There’s play acting and they gotta go home already.


People don’t want violence. People want to get up in the morning, go to school / work, raise their kids, have normal lives.

Losers want violence. Everybody else wants peace.


I hear ya. The show goes on towards the police state, the hype continues and I wish all the yapping in the left and right media would stop already, and we’re a part of that yapping. I’m a part of it.

It’s annoying.

Some people in the South never left the Civil War. It’s always “been coming”. Is it “now”? Maybe. I’ve certainly been hearing “enough is enough and it’s time for the South to rise again” forever.

But what’s different is there’s other interests involved having nothing to do with north/south. That’s what’s weird and annoying.



If you believe that much in it, Danny, then write angry letters to GoDaddy and do it. Maybe they’ll agree with you and maybe not.

But I see a free market decision here.


I don’t blame millennials for the current situation, or 9/11, although America did change after 9/11. The soccer-mom over protectiveness increased after 9/11 and the scheduled lives got even more sceduled, with their only freedoms to be found online it seems, taking their frustrations out on each other in large multiplayer games and political forums online anonymously sharing their grievences as they grew up together.

So there’s something different there, sure. But it’s not their fault nor 9/11 or anonymous forums nor their moms.

World’s getting more prosperous as a whole as it grows and citizen expectations rising and rising. Dissatisfied with status quo, wanting the political system they read about onliene to actually happen in reality.

It’s a militant kind of idealism. It’s definitely interesting times.


I NEVER thought I’d see “Fascist” and “Anti-Fascist” in parades n the USA.

Those were always European WW2 words, not American words. Not American battles. Still sounds weird to my ears.


But, maybe  right. The battles I mock are being taken as seriously as kids take their Minecraft worlds when invaded by griefers. Maybe I should take my world more seriously too.

Well, I do, but I have a different view.



Who says I’m not gonna be here? Maybe you’ll be gone

but tbh – i was making fun of people who always talk about THE FUTURE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION HANGS IN THE BALANCE while poo-poo doo-doong anybody else’s caring/not caring ways.]

People do some ridiculous stuff for the sake of Legacy.




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