“You’re starting to sound like you are the cyber leader of “Anonymous” or some shit Lol. But once again, I like the way you think.”

You’re starting to sound like you are the cyber leader of “Anonymous” or some shit Lol. But once again, I like the way you think.
I believe in ‘chance’ as defined as ‘something not due to human control or influence.’
I think we all have our own translation of the word “Luck” or “Chance”, but in my mind, Chance is what opens the gateway to Luck in general, which is defined (in my terms) by low mathematical probabilities of “something happening” or making an influence on something during 1. moments of consciousness, 2. any given object, or 3. any living organism. This is “my own” translation. You have a “Chance” of winning a million bucks when you buy a lottery ticket, but “Luck” is when you actually win it. I hypothesize many people do not believe in “Luck” as it were, due to a lack of major developments in their personal experiences, aka being “extremely lucky”, but I, on the other hand, define Luck as when something takes physical form to influence the 3 variables I already mentioned… But I more commonly define luck during my everyday experiences. For example, I am running late (hypothetically, I’m no Jackass) to my sister’s wedding, and the traffic light that is generally red for intervals of 5 minutes happens to turn green the moment I am traveling through it, which results in my arrival being just in the nick of time to view the moment my sister walks down the aisle. The light turning green was “by chance” as I had no control over it. The result: me being able to view the moment in the ceremony that I would not have otherwise, had that traffic light been red. This moment of is where I consider “Luck” to manifest itself through chance & every moment that had previously taken place to make this scenario probable in the first place… That is “my” definition of Luck, by example; although I am no genius, or implying that my thoughts on this are absolute, either. I simply enjoy discussing philosophical topics. :)

I CHALLENGE whoever read this to prove my logic as inaccurate or misleading. That was my entire point in writing this comment was to be challenged, not acknowledged. Also, thanks for giving me something to think about Kenneth ;) I wrote this on a complete whim or “Luck” as I define it


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