You’re more than adequate.

You’re more than adequate.
You’re an rational, emotional human being with a unique perspective on the world that no one else on the planet has ever had before or will ever have since. You are in a constant state of flux and change on a path to continually being more than you were a moment before.

Intelligent, i believe is often used as a judgement call made by others to put you on a scale of feeling inadequate.

You are where you are. You think how you think. You feel how you feel. Your perspective is no more or less valid than anybody else’s on this planet. You own it – it’s yours.

Do you accept what other people say without questioning?

Do you think things through and consider how things make you feel? How things make you think?

Do you ask yourself, “What is *my* perspective on this?”

If you do, you are intelligent.

It’s not about facts and figures that a computer could do better anyway.

What makes you intelligent is all of the things that CAN’T be one by a computer and that’s the subjective you, who is intelligent. Period.

Other people want to put you on a scale of ‘more or less’ intelligent? Let them. Their scales are wrong. They don’t know what you know. They only know the tiny bit they see. What they see isn’t you.

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