You’re making it far too complicated.

I’m not proving right or wrongness. Just the ability of humans to comprehend difficult constructs and how they relate them to their cultural-historical knowledge.

In the case of QM, Aubrey Terrill saw my simple point right away.

You’re making it far too complicated.

Thank you and yes, I do. That’s why I’m still here. I learn with every exchange with people. I never waste a word for my own purposes, even if someone doesn’t comprehend me properly.

My baseline for Trinity is simple. Ecumenical Councils. Church as it stood in 325-500ad approximately. All the afterwards stuff? Doesn’t matter.

Also, there is most DEFINITELY hot debate in QM. There are MANY competing theories, each with their own cheering squad.

It’s far from a fixed in stone thing.

And yes, he is. He has the sun rising in Florida. Thank you and Gerald Bogan for your time tonight. I enjoyed it and have gained a lot of material (my own words, I don’t copy other people’s) for some ridiculous book that will sell no copies. Not a word wasted.

My narcissistic bed awaits. and I enjoyed our time together and will catch up tomorrow if there’s more for whatever reason that may be smile emoticon

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