You’re Awesome! Once you see

You’re Awesome! Once you see your life as an Epic Journey of Maybe’s, If’s and Actions and you Walk Courageously into the Unknown, You will be free to own your own gravitational center.


When you get bored, STOP.

Information about JustNotice.Us

a) Socializing online and offline is no different except where your body happens to be located.

b) Everybody moves at a different pace. Everybody has their own drum they beat to, their own internal rhythm.

c) The part of the brain where all information streams through has about a 4-8 second space which we call “now”.

d) Keeping things moving along quickly makes it easier to ignore other things. Once you have ignored everything else around you, you have focus.

e) wants to show everybody to everybody. And We will.

f) Your potential is unlimited. You ARE more intelligent than you or anybody gives you credit for.

g) Genius goes unrecognized because there is nobody watching, nobody noticing, nobody supporting. Family income and connectiveness dictates your future at every stage of your life, unless you make an extreme effort to change that. It’s very hard to do but…

h) You can reinvent yourself at any age. When you are three and four years old, you start roleplaying and acting. You act out what you see and what you imagine. You start putting yourself in the mindset of another. This doesn’t stop. We do it our whole lives.

i) Superheroes are often who we want to become.

j) We often become Supervillans instead.

k) And sometimes, we become the helpless victim who needs saving.

l) You can change the story you tell yourself about yourself. It’s just that easy. You are awesome. I already know it and I’ll prove to you that you’re awesome.

m) People who hate you or make life difficult for you – even with “good intentions” – often do unintential damage and, in the case of bullies and bullying, it changes you for a lifetime, and you spend your life trying to win the friendship and love of people who said or did mean things to you as a child – always trying to please the unpleasable, because they are no longer around, but the pain remains.

n) It doesn’t have to be that way. Change is one person at a time. It is not through groups or cliques or categories or gangs or anything that lumps people together into artificial categories with their own rules and rituals.

l) I want you to succeed, not try to prove I’m more clever than you. I want you to get smarter than me so *I* can learn something new!

m) Go as far as you can, then stop when you get bored. Bring everything you know with you to your new place until you are no longer bored. Then see where it takes you. Repeat.

n) Feelings are fragile and everybody is “touchy”. We all respond differently to perceived attacks by others. Withdraw, fight back, or attack another as a substitute for the person we really want to “pay back”. But there is no need to pay back anything. Someone bringing you down? Find something bigger than THEM that they respect to make them stop. It’s usually somebody smarter. You can be smarter than your haters and their words and actions will mean nothing to you, because you and your mind are more important than anything they say or do.

Information about Kenneth Udut

a) Before I discovered Vine, I had an idea for teaching everything in four seconds. Vine fits perfectly into that model.

b) I’ve made over 4500 6 second Vines from ridiculous to supportive to mind-blowing to boring and stupid.

c) I understand what it is like to be highly intelligent but have squandered talents and intelligence, not for me, nor anybody else, ANYWHERE.

d) I’m studying the space where the inside mind and outside world meet together.

You are already complete and have everything you need to do anything you want to do. You just have to find a substitute to do it for you. Food, Water, Clothing, a place to live, someone or something to love.

Examples: Lawyers do law so you don’t have to. Doctors perform things on your body so you don’t have to. Parents and teachers show you stuff about the world so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. General Contractors build houses so you don’t have to. Accountants move numbers around so you don’t have to. Banks hold your money so you don’t have to. Lovers exist so you don’t have to love yourself. Pets exist so you don’t have to like your own company. TV exists so you don’t have to travel the world to find interesting things to look at. Musicians exist so you don’t have to make your own music. Writers exist so you don’t have to write. Scientists exist so you don’t have to look at the world and take notes. Friends exist so that you don’t have to talk to yourself and like your own company. Memory exists so you don’t have to repeat your past. Vision exists so you don’ t have to touch and smell everything.

1) Stop hiding. Be brave and bold. But.. if you can’t…
2) Tell me to take off your shoutout and I will.
3) Don’t be so public online or else someone not nice may notice you. If I noticed you, then automated computers noticed you too and you are already on Google. I noticed you because you put yourself out there and are public and noticable. Something about your public post was interesting so I gave you a shoutout. Want to be private? Hide your posts if you like. Know all the privacy powers the services give you. Use them if you want to. Or just be willing to stick out and say ‘I AM SOMEBODY!’ Are you responsible for somebody who I gave a shoutout too and are mad about the shoutout? I think you should be proud instead but besides that, again, if I saw the account I’m giving a shoutout to, then Google and other indexing services have as well. My shoutout should disappear off of Google after I delete it. But the original account I’m giving a shoutout to is out of my control. Where posts from that account end up online is out of my control. I can only control this shoutout and remove that if its yours or about someone you are responsible for. My goal is improve the self-esteem of every person on the planet, everywhere, to make the world a better place. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me. But I do expect everybody to understand my intentions of this outrangeously, oversized project. The individual, to me, is most important and everybody’s center of gravity is an empty void that can only be filled with light. I’m trying to shine a little light and help, even a little. For more about me KennethUdut@justnotice.usBe yourself online – be whatever and whoever you want – the freedom is yours and roleplaying is something everybody secretly does at every age, and use its power to guard yourself, both in 3D life and online. It gives you the power to do more and gives others less reasons to take away your freedom. You’re not hiding – you become free by imagining who you want to be and becoming who you want to be. You can use any name you want, become anyone or anything you want. Privacy isn’t hiding in fear. It’s stepping boldy forward with armor into an uncertain world. Privacy is part of your armor. If you read this far, you are more awesome than Kenneth Udut because I would be bored by now. I got bored writing this at least 17 times.

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