“You’re an American. Where’s your Tommy Gun?”


  • Ireland for a wedding 15 years ago. Lots of shades of green grass. Day was VERY VERY long. Pretty awesome. Loved the climate. Just a week. It was enough but I liked it.

    My mom went to Egypt for a month in 1984. She was married to an Egyptian man for a couple of years. I almost became a Bekheet, but the last-name change wasn’t required for me [I thought it was]

    Oh, and a touch of Canada. From New Jersey. South to Florida (Live here now), and went over to Colorado once as a teenager.

    That’s about it for me. I’m satisfied with travel. I have an Internet.

     She was lucky. She got to live for a month in a very poor part of Egypt and had only a little bit of touristy experience.

    Her biggest letdown was riding a camel to the pyramids. She has claustrophobia and found the passageway narrow.

    But that wasn’t the letdown.

    It was when they went back a second time and took the TARRED ROAD that you never see that’s on the OTHER SIDE of the Great Pyramid.

    She was like, WE COULDN’T TAKE THIS THE FIRST TIME? and her husband, who was from Cairo, didn’t know how to ride a Camel. My mother poked fun at him, because she was raised with horses and camels were no different for her.

    His retort? “You’re an American. Where’s your Tommy Gun?”

    He nailed it


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