Your word is your bond” is for regular folks like us. He doesn’t have to play by our rules and he doesn’t.

He doesn’t have to though. He may work out fine as President – time will tell with that – but it’s not slander than he’s a contract breaker, even written and certainly verbal. “Your word is your bond” is for regular folks like us. He doesn’t have to play by our rules and he doesn’t. This is one of the things a lot of people admired about him during his campaign. But he’s not going to now settle down and fly right unless he’s compelled to by circumstance. But that’s the marvel of our government system: Sanders going up and saying, “Hey Trump? Remember when you said this?” is all a part of this checks and balances, back and forth, teeter-tottering of power dynamics.


I’d voted for Clinton because I counted on Sanders to compel her to stay honest. Now, since Trump is going in, I’m counting even more on Sanders and the many many other people out there compelling Trump to stay honest.

I’m glad Sanders is carrying forward with his original plan, just with someone other than he anticipated.


In the end, it doesn’t matter if it’s a democrat or republican, conservative or liberal in office : there’s a country we all have in common that none of us want to see get wrecked.

It’d be nice to sit back and relax and trust the people in charge. I did that for a long time. But this was the first campaign season I knew that , whoever got in, I’d have to REALLY be watching like a hawk the WHOLE four (or whatever) years.


I haven’t decided yet if Trump is chaotic neutral or chaotic evil though. I grew up with him around doing dirty business deals and using mafia thugs from NYC whenever a contractor complained about non-payment. (or lawyers, whichever level was necessary).

So, I’m more prone to see him as chaotic evil. But I *want* to see him as chaotic neutral. Time will tell.


From what I’ve seen, his ethics are purely situational and his morality is mostly *likely* amoral rather than immoral or moral. His goals are in the family of ‘rational self-interest’. His daughter is apparently a fan of Ayn Rand, which makes sense, and they both seem to be of the “universe attracts prosperity” mindset. So, that’s where I’m at at the moment.


Ayn Rand is popular among the uber-wealthy because she gives an easy justification for their actions, whatever they may be. The “prosperity gospel” (christian), or the similar philosophies of Norman Vincent Peale, “The Secret”, Anthony Robbins – have in common this idea that you attract personal power through your will imposing itself on the universe and the universe responding with money. More or less like that.

Neither one is good or bad per se. They’re both amoral constructs, but self-directed and individualist. They’re fine up to a point.


Well, that’s the story he’s been telling. Hopefully it’s true because it sure sounds good. I just have to keep both eyes open. I would have anyway.


Our biases color the things we see. I see other things but because you have a different outlook towards him, you see things I don’t, like some of the things you said above.

But rubber-meets-the-road time is coming soon, so we’ll see. Like I say, hope you’re right.


I have a friend who is a theoretical physicist in Romania. He and his family is in real estate in Romania and while he claims to be neutral about Trump, he likes him. He doesn’t like his relationship with Putin (because, being in Romania, he sees things about Russia we won’t see over here, as we just get the sugar-sweet media+meme Putin). But he likes other aspects of what he sees about Trump.

Now, being in real estate like Trump is, my friend knows first hand that contractors can lie, cheat and steal from the company, demand payment before service, etc. These things are often true in Romania just as they are in the USA. So, he empathizes with Trump in that way.

But he was surprised when I told him how Trump has behaved in the past with his dealings with good contractors (I grew up with some in my town who worked for Trump *and* got shafted badly),… how he does the trick of “pay for your materials and labor and I promise to pay you back”. They sign contracts and then when the contractors try to hold him to the contracts, he gets his lawyers (best case) or mafia friends (worst case) to compel them to stop pursuing full payment and accept what they get.

He still likes Trump but at least he’s a little more aware that his family’s story and Trump’s aren’t necessarily equivalent, even though they’re in the same industry.


I hated those tales that the media brought out during the campaign though. They seemed like crybabies. The guys I grew up with just had to suck-it-up and you’d NEVER see them on camera admitting they got screwed by their general contractor (Trump).


Real estate is a vicious, nasty business. It’s not nearly as dirty down here in FL because we have “Sunshine Laws” (transparency). But in NY and NJ? Dirty from top to bottom.


Yeah. It was house rules. Fine for NY/NJ. Nevada. etc. Good for USA? I dunno. But you can see why Ayn Rand is an attractive philosopher for them. It’s amoral “rational self-interest”, almost machavilian. “end justifies the means”. So, maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not. Time will tell.


I couldn’t figure out why he was so refreshing to people though. That part mystified me until recently: You see, I grew up with a lot of people like Trump. He’s not unique in any way to me. NJ is a state with a lot of corrupt politicians, businessmen, mafia, police, courts, etc.

Yet, work gets done just the same and life isn’t so bad overall.

You just get used to it. Trust no one. Everybody who smiles is selling you something. Listen through the double-talk. Take nobody at face value. What’s the angle here?

So, that’s how I read him. He’s familiar to me. Never expected to see it standing in the Oval Office as the political “guy smiley” and the businessman “guy smiley”, while compatible, have some differences. But they’re basically cut from the same cloth.



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