your self is a series of actions you do over a course of time.

What is love?

Desire to incorporate something/someone into yourself?

Not so bad. I love knowledge. I love understanding. I love NY style pizza. I want to incorporate it into myself. In short, I “want”.

Is “want” always = to love?

Well, want also means “lack”. If I want, that means I lack.

I think the word “love” or the concept rather, suffers from a lot of simultaneous sets of meaning, all overlapping. One of those “words that tries to do too much”, I think

By incorporating into yourself, it doesn’t have to mean in a “nutritional sense” either. It can also mean incorporating into your daily routine – into your Time, which is also a part of yourself.

So do you love your cats? Well, you’re willing to incorporate them into your daily routine, if you view your “self” as also a set of actions that occur over a period of Time.

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