“your brian is a wise man”

Is that Steam or XBox?

Dang it. Better see if MAME has emulation for it and start tracking down the ROMs… oh wait… they’re not on ROMs… crap.

I was hoping I could use a steamroller to turn it into a Laserdisc and play it on my full size arcade Dragon’s Lair, unlike Terry Prachett’s unfinished novels, which didn’t survive the data transfer process.


Discworld. Plus this was in the news this afternoon. It all ties together nicely…. in my brain anyway.

your brian is a wise man

I let it do what it do. Back when Vine was a thing, they kept calling me “abstract”. It was a compliment I think. It’d probably be insanity if I took myself seriously. I don’t wanna die or suffer yet, that’s about it. And thank you – my brian thanks you.



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