Your autobiography is yours. You write it as you live. Cliche? Yes. But still true.

I have a creeping suspicion that a commonality of middle-age is an ease of autobiography. I’ve always written them through the years. My first lengthy autobiography I wrote at 17 in my early BBS experiences online and a 10 page one at 19 in 1991 for BITNET/Internet on some mailing lists.

I’ve found the diskettes (3 1/2″ Double Sided lol) a few years back when I still had a computer that could read them.

Anyway, the stuff that was important to me then was different – in a sense I was a different person (Ship of Theseus) – but yet the threads running through are no different than today.

Stuff I was once ashamed about, I just say now. Partially because so much time has passed, it doesn’t matter but also because there’s no perfect people who can sit in judgement of me whose words carry authority.

It’s a definite freedom, to have a sense of true ownership over one’s own story.

Also, I think the “movie-ness” of the life-story becomes more clear. I can see my story in the context of a hollywood film; several, all depending on the perspective one takes. It’s led me to the conclusion that each of our lives *is* an epic tale and we can change it at any time. Cliche? Pure Oprah Winfrey? Sure. But no less true.

And Seedy Johnson? Yes, yours is a story worth writing at length. I’d go dual:
1) Novel form
2) Screenplay

If you draw, I’d say 6-panel pages – comic book style. Always wanted to be able to do that. Can’t draw.

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