You’ll never look at grapes the same way again.

In 1990, I went to an objectification of women demonstration with self-help tips thing at my college. There was a filled auditorium, probably 2/3 women, 1/3 guys.

I remember being surprised at the images of women in the media – they showed lots of Rod Stewart MTV Videos clips it seemed and described, like one might football plays, what the microphone here means, the lack of a head there means, etc. Actually education and that part I appreciated.

But then… the self-help tips.

Number one? The eyes. Girls were to practice squishing grapes with their thumbs to get used to the feeling of going straight for the eyes with the thumbs if ever attacked.

I wore contacts at the time. Not only did I go back to glasses, but when I would go back to my dorm late from the computer lab, if I saw a woman walking from the opposite direction, I cut her a WIDE swath.

I didn’t know if she had been to that seminar or not and I honestly didn’t know if I’d be walking too close or do something wrong and get misinterpreted because I said a typical “hey” with a grunt, like guys do.

I like my eyes.

They mentioned nothing about guns _or_ peeing yourself.

Also, I didn’t eat grapes for a year after that.

A PS: We were also distributed a booklet on something new, called “Political Correctness”. Politically Correct was created in its modern form by a group out of the All girls Mount Holyoke College in 1988, two years before I went to Hampshire College, which is in the same town.

About as liberal as liberal comes.

Yet, they actually got the idea from the Military, who used it first.

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