You’ll mock 4K in a few years.

You’ll mock 4K in a few years. Mind you, I’d love 4K but I don’t do gaming. [I hate lag]. [did Minecraft with nephew and ran a server for a few years but not gaming per se].

Seen so many upgrades. 16 color -> today, resolutions and dot pitches getting higher and smaller. Something new always on the horizon. Still waiting for GPUs to replace CPUs…and for system boards to be entirely 3D instead of all this flat logical space.. but I’m patient. They’ll catch up.


Yes, but the whole infrastructure needs to change. Drastically. We missed the boat on parallel from the late 80s, but instead got better and faster CPUs. Now were almost ready to reinvent parallel. It has to go that way eventually. GPUs are a strange re-entry point but we’ll get there.

The bottlenecking will be eliminated in parallel but it’ll take novel programming languages that aren’t so linear and so much boxes-inside-of-boxes object oriented.


That’s where 3D will come into play. The shape of computers will have to change away from the flat. Open, air cooled, probably boxy but parallel – more physical neural net than having single heavy lifting flat chips.

Memory will change physical shape. All the connections and connectors will. Hopefully some re-introduction of anaog-ness will assist in reducing bottlenecking. [leeway].

As it stands, computers aren’t digital. They’re analog pretending ot be digital, and paying the price in heat. I’m not knocking the strides made in long decimal abilities but we’re almost at a point that some sloppiness at the far off ends is perfectly fine. Quantum will continue research but you can accomplish a lot of the quantum strides with a newer kind of analog substituting for the uncertainty.

I’m not thinking 2020/2030 though.


You’ll be old by then. I’ll be dead or ancient. Some areas of flat I hope will continue: thinner displays with more capabilities – and cheaper. I’m hoping paper is entirely replaced one day. Stuff like that. But in other areas, .. wel, I start getting more ridiculous ideas than these. Computer paint is one of my oldest ones. Self-organizing, suspended in never-fully hardening material… but I could ramble on. Gamers will use whatever’s available. The young people will treat what they see as normal, older gamers will not like the new stuff, some will. How it goes.


I’m also not entirely against implantables. Back of the ear surgery for sound and back of the head-plate for video – just bypass the eyes – something like that. There’s been some advances in biofeedback style control but I’m a little behind on research. I look forward to whatever’s coming but I don’t get too excited until I see an industry application for it. The whiz-bang “WOW LOOK WHAT SCIENCE DID!” doesn’t impress me unless some company can make a consumer product. Then I pay attention.



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