You set up a StrawGod Then defeated a StrawGod.

1 + 2 are fine.
3 + 4 are unsupported opinions.
5 is a logical consequence of unsupported opinions.
6 depends on your view of God. There are other views of God that are not “intelligent design” views of God. Brush up on Theology and comparative religion a little here.
7 assumes points 1 2 3 4 5. While 1 and 2 are fine, 3 + 4 are “What James Ragsdale would do if he was God” perhaps.
8 rests on a lot of toothpicks for it to be potentially considered true in some sense.

You set up a StrawGod
Then defeated a StrawGod.

Hawking didn’t do much better. Try again. GRADE: D. I can’t give you a FAIL because 1 + 2 are fine.

Yes. I may be agnostic – I’m not a believer – I honestly don’t know – but I have yet to hear a convincing logical argument either for or against. The ones that exist or that people come up with serve to preach to the choir but are hardly convincing enough to sway. And I’m sway-able. But this doesn’t sway.

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