You put the Rocky Theme in my head. Thank you – I like that song :)

You put the Rocky Theme in my head. Thank you – I like that song :)

The thing about Free Will – and probably its most critical purpose: is choosing what to ignore.

I chose to listen to the “Rocky theme” blip that appeared in my subconscious, comment on it and post that link.

I also could have ignored it and moved on. One ignores MILLIONS of things daily.


Constraints. At the LATEST, with certainty, I have full choice at the n400 mark. (400ms).

I think you have many choices prior to that 400ms mark as well but 400ms is a certainty.


I’ve had a computer since I was 11 and started programming. Conditions branch and branch and branch and branch.

I’m 47 now. 36 years straight of computer stuff.

If anybody shouldn’t believe in free will, I shouldn’t.

But I do. Ontology is crucial, even moreso than logic and ontology is a choice that we continually choose as we use and are faced with uncertainties. Fit, or not fit? What to do with not fit?


Common response to uncertainty is REJECTION.
It can hurt to modify ontology.

But that depends on factors such as mood at the time, how the uncertainty is presented to you, etc.

A lot of stuff is out of your hands.

But some is.


That “only” is big though.

I can’t choose to turn inside out, but I can choose to sit in this chair and type to you right now in response in order to highlight how a small thing can make a world of difference between a good state of mental heath versus one in which there no point in trying for it is all transcribed beforehand in an automated program.


h, I think everything is constructed of parts, certainly.

But it’s HOW you put the pieces together that I consider the free will.



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