you need all of the sciences, no one science rules them all.

So it’s not that the sociology department is wrong by saying, “Humans don’t have instincts”.

There’s no room for instincts in sociology. It’s not their field. Therefore, it doesn’t exist for them.

For a balanced perspective, you take the good from sociology and mix it with what you know from other sciences. Where sociology is good at societies, psychology is better at internal thought processes. Biology is good at the internal chemistry and mutation. Cognitive science is good at measuring the brain and thinking processes from that perspective. Etc.

Try as they may, no single theory rules them all.

Theoretical physics tries for example. There’s an implicit belief that “after physics, all is just chemistry, life, and a simple matter of building up from a base of physics”

But it’s not a simple matter. Things don’t seem to work that way. They believe it, but a biologist will laugh at the physicists assumption, because the very mutations that the physicists view as statistical anomolies are the life-blood of biology; differentiation, uniqueness.

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