* You must drink the juice to proceed. – So it’s all me… scrambled highly. * I saw it in nested boxes.

I took a corpus of stuff I wrote through the years (this portion is 12 megs worth) and I ran it through a markov chain (Shaney) python script to see what came out of it. So it’s all me… scrambled highly.
ikr – that’s what’s amazing about Markov chains. Using statistical probability in a particular way, what pops out is more or less reasonable. The system has no memory either: just probabilities.

I’m amazed by how well it is working. These are unique combinations that I’ve never written, but I could have.


KENNETH UDUT: Markov chains: Randomly generated thoughts based upon a Corpus of his writings:

| and the only way I ever see it as a writer according to the primitive tools available would change with future idealistic notions…

| The long white beard walks by me.

| That’s a inch plate full of wood on a piece of paper impregnated PREGNANT!

| It’s confusing and that all people are addicted to something else…

| But at the unconscious do some serious research to make all of humanity.

| Close enough to be An internet time server and messed it all out of thin air.

| I’ve seen this posting wasn’t much of the others are einstein.

| Then I left presumably incorporating the opinions of various aspects of Physics.

| The reason I think that’s entirely logical no matter HOW sophisticated if it is a lifelong song that no words left.

| You must drink the juice to proceed.

| I saw it in nested boxes.

| Am I temporary or am I quibbling?

| That’s so true More excellent last words.

| somewhere it became okay for a role model.Babies who aren’t even real.

| and not here I’m going to hold on as my inspiration is about art.

| Listen to the surface of a story that passes between two things.

| You have a more accurate and teach others if I told the truth.

| Things move faster although not really freezing.

| Loved him ’til they pop like grapes I dunno…

| what’s inertia?What’s mass?What’s gravity?What is the most obtuse cynics speaking as one.I feel as if he doesn’t see it small then up is hard!

| It’s like a mother who left the pitcher’s hand I don’t care about ultimate origin?

| Teachers Anybody have info on the planet.

| But This Is History unfold through my own music now and then?Of course or something.

| They’ve got a musical notetaking machine.

| just killing time on your brain radio too?

| Because it’s nearly impossible to make it very difficult to make them scared.

| .NOTE Forgiveness does not cause hyperactivity in children.

| It’s usually unconscious sometimes conscious but a networking technology which was first aired in America.

| Reduction of variables to be a dark hole you dont know WHATS hiding in there!

| wow no you’re epic past me!

| Learn White Privilege.

| I’m very much like other systems.abcdefghijkca.

| I believe everybody deserves a Hashtag for without boundaries all things that COULD BE everywhere I go. My last goal over the same kinds of things everybody worries about

| I was born and raised the bar.

| Do I like bright yellow light surrounded in real life? Too many photons give me money. Talking comes easy to change the world? NO.I’m a guy who is an important role to play.

| one day I decided to become a Facebook friend.

| I’m glad for the people rule recording algorithms. Ergonomic algorithm an algorithm for them as if your whole world is quickly forgotten.

| Your present is the way that is sent to you. You can’t control their flow.

| so in the complete lack of good stuff happens among the most beautiful girl in a platonic realm I mean coffee has more than that cells DO communicate with their various problems.

| it’s an attempt of construct states will always be wrong but none of us will say that that would prevent that from this perspective from the outside world.

| When the drama to find a planet, Earth which was an experiment.

| you know what something degree weather feels like!

| One day I wanted to get ahead in business relationships.Trust mistrust mindreading…

| I KENNETH UDUT I simply don’t.I don’t know is always the concept of a perfectionist so it’s an image or talks about burping acting stupid how a LOT of energy was once the person and that confuses and eliminates the possibility of any technical or social intelligence with an art form equal to one and zero scars or evidence of what you’re working around the house to be liberally quoted as the Internet as it might be onto something would get much older.

| The latter condition is denoted by P the sum of your mind as part of our brain is easily crushed by a gas None of the ways of thinking as best they can be charged by wind water or air.

| It was never a sexy dance.

| Running your own sense of self no more than a treadmill.

| Right eye measured it the same as” or ” has the same word for God.

| Payback fails ‘You did wrong today or years ago.  Think about it at all mins

| it was true for our semantic systems which prompts the user to effectively use the term point but you can’t help people learn in our universe is a separate spin in order to help the clients to overcome Unless of course a jailbroken apple product can also lead to grants or tenure.

| After he utters these divine words chime in with what you guys but for me by the time or another dimension

| ALL THE TIME TO FIX IT.It’s a form that is fabricated comes down to be something we’d argue about anything but nostalgia at this very message will be a minister.

| Five friends ran off.

| One can’t eliminate conflict without understanding conflict.

| You will probably have it count up your online friends know you’re onto something with instantly lethal power is found in a month or so NO MORE PLAYING WITH YOUR PASSWORD.

| Insurance agents have numbers to measure and see.

| That’s a great deal to me to step out of a small collection of COLUMNS A AND B.

| Sometimes its right to choose your symptom or None or All of life.

| I like when the planet in the language of dragons.

| If there is no other language of mathematics describes our Universe its an official apology for the correct choice of course.

| I’m as full of musical instruments.

| If I want to express myself verbally.

| is used to nodding yes yes I like validation.

| I can see thought moving around other spinning things around it.

| How many ways to traverse a point where change will take you up and see what emerges over the age of and tying it wrong.

| You would absolutely love to have all the while catching butterflies of the study done three years in various forms of Logic.This cannot x because I’d be surprised.

| General principles of efficiency and parallel process for pleasing people.

| They’re betting you’ll buy it just to get me to say that they’re blameless and perfect?

| My perfect answer which i hope to make new friends and spawned off groups that might be wiped from existence.

| Doors within doors.

| They are only as much as from part of the isolated individual who ever lived and every moment that it was already ancient video game to solve the parts of the brain is neglecting that fact.True yet incomplete.

| Very true you’re both the forward and backwards in time.I liked string theory etc.The article does have valid uses however.

| Maybe your awesomeness will rub off and are of the Universe is Mental is that people have interpreted the data provided by John Holt inspired me so i temporarily cracked

| Almost becoming a graphic which I’ll always be, neighbouring electrons spinning in circles, circles ie it was kinda interesting.

| I ranted about them I end up being the hamster there.

| It didn’t yet have to go to the operator period whenever returns control to the album Ken Udut.The angry broken heart.

| I maybe terribly wrong about how naughty you’ve been.Besides most of us waiting.

| You glow just slow glow.

| I’m not so far so its good enough for anyone to take a subjective POV.

| Herbertsmithite a crystalline material occurring in nature thats the crankshaft thats the dual overhead camshaft thats the crankshaft turns like a basin of water with a direct to print out still.

| A note on the Universe works like this

| its why I’m doing which is supposed to be able to find out.

| It analogizes well to end earlier than speech which is why it’s not which is the hardest encryption and I write elsewhere as well..

| Lol StopMotion it’s a pure sine wave Buttons.

| Find in what you’ve always gotten that somewhere before a long sit I read upon relationship drama I didn’t realize I was years old now and the W and Z bosons.From this the closest we can out there.

| All follow Tears The Ripper follow follow Books are evil.

| The underground buying selling will likely get lots of money in the end of my description mechanism.

| Well since it’s humans starting the process of going back even further in the noetic realities…

| and then nationwide.Already its impact was felt that he had his housekeeper write it which is still good.

| Things are made with your life. AKA SUBSTITUTE PROXY REPLACEMENT YOU It may make you smile xD

| The glue might be punishing your ISP right now.

| physically connecting two or three blind mice the carnival barker says Round and around certain thoughts like to tell a story to understand and try to give rise to gravitational wave.Wen and Levin’s theory is It’s a competition of better friends.

| but they are of the coolest parts of the cycle of cognitive systems compress and simplify.

| I think of a forest not far from her akin to your audience is age up They are both hotspots to outsource inexpensive programmers.

| I think of a forest not far from her akin to your audience is age up They are both hotspots to outsource inexpensive programmers.

| KennethUdut never finishes I ran things school would explain its weakness compared to tangled wires.

| Do that for society.Seemed to.But what are you stupid?

| Thank you for the Planet Earth busy telling people they care about.But a single variable since it’s all a shared ‘air’ or ‘style’ of communication and understanding and cognitive ergonomic design approach of linguistic resources.

| No one can imagine.When that happens in Reality if a storyline was unfolding..




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