You might like my Project. It’s close to completion.

You might like my Project. It’s close to completion.  I’m basically looking for a physical basis for why meditation and mindfulness works.  I ended up searching (and finding) an explanation for the seeming paradoxes found in much of science and in religious thought as well.

I know how to tie it together now. (they’re one and the same of course – otherwise they wouldn’t fight – and i can explain how)

if you look up dirac’s plate trick or yarn trick or 720 degree rotation or electron 1/2 spin – anyway, that’s the shape.that I believe explains the net of all reality and how observation can change the state of an electron… how memories are formed in the brain.

and basically, I’m trying to bridge seeming gap between science and religion and unconscious and conscious, because life and non-life, not through waves or particles or chemistry.. but through a shape.  A shape that describes how a magnetic particle goes from positive to negative.

And, I believe ultimately, that we are created in the image of the Universe – that the universe is conscious and we are a physical manifestation of the consciousness of electrons and photons.

The hard part will be describing it properly so that I dont’ seem to be kooky or mystical.  I don’t think there is any need for mystism.  Mysticism or awe helps activate that region of the brain that best understands this intuitively.

Anyway, I can talk for hours and days on this stuff.  I need to get it to a point where it can be explained scientifically, practically and accurately.  Getting closer all the time…althogh I’m getting to the point of needing help soon.

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