“You mentioned the use of software and programming languages in air traffic control as an example of how to manage competing demands and distractions.

I had ChatGPT analyze a note to myself on May 20, 2013.
It understood me fine. I have it below ChatGPT’s summary, which is better than my presentation*
“You mentioned the use of software and programming languages in air traffic control as an example of how to manage competing demands and distractions. In this context, the software and programming languages are used to create a system for coordinating the movement of airplanes and ensuring their safe operation.
One way in which this relates to the ideas you described earlier is that both air traffic control and managing one’s thoughts and emotions involve the need to prioritize and coordinate competing demands. In air traffic control, there may be many planes in the air at the same time, each with its own destination and schedule. The job of the air traffic controller is to ensure that each plane arrives at its destination safely, while also keeping track of other planes in the area and making sure that they do not collide.
In a similar way, we all have many different thoughts and emotions vying for our attention at any given time, and it can be a challenge to manage them all effectively. Just as the air traffic controller needs to use software and programming languages to create a system for coordinating the movement of planes, we can use various strategies and techniques to create a system for managing our thoughts and emotions. This might include setting priorities, setting aside dedicated time for specific tasks, or finding ways to relax and recharge when we are feeling overwhelmed.”
* it understood from this: May 13, 2013
Is and music and memories are the same. Like ideas, and Miche, you start off with a musical fragment. Musical idea. It is the same as inkling of an idea. A thought. It takes several minutes for you to completely flesh out a an idea.
In the same way, a song lasts for several minutes. The song is an entire musical thought. Or, better
A musical concept.
Is the same as a concert in the human mind.
The concepts links to other concepts which links to other systems.
Also a song is linked together within itself.
When different things compete for your attention, it is the same as multiple songs playing at the same time.
If you can treat distractions as changes in a single song, then you can cope with them
This is the moment to dance with butterflies. This is the moment that the train runs over your foot.
One of the hardest things about merging them all into a single song, is that Pete and situations operate at different tempos.
Two songs with different tempos playing at the same time are difficult or impossible for your mind to reconcile
This harkens back to keeping your own pace. You have your own tempo. If you keep this tempo throughout the day, and you allow others their own music – their own tempos – and keep your own separate, then you can cope with anything.
Your own thoughts try to change your tempo. They try to collide and change the song. I don’t know if the answer is turning your thoughts into one song, but, I believe they need to be captured separately. Maybe it is just like airplanes circling over the tarmac waiting for the airport traffic controller to allow them to come to a Landing.
If so, that software, that’s programming language that is designed to accommodate real time air-traffic control, and the procedures used by air traffic controllers, will give you many of the answers you need with attention. And memory. And responsiveness.
You have to put the distractions into a holding pattern as you allow the thing you were trying to land or the thought you were trying to capture into a safe landing without crashing.
Then when that plane is landed safely, then you can land the next thing – deal with the next thing.
This is one of the beauties of voicemail. Once upon a time you had to answer the phone as it right. The matter what you were doing you have to stop it, and answer the phone. Now, some peoples lives were controlled by the phone, but with the possibility of saving it while you were doing something else, it allows you to finish what you doing, and returned to their immediate problem Later.
Something you can do to illustrate this: make a melody of a certain emotion. Happy dancing around. Then as it’s planning, play an angry Melody had a completely different speed and tempo. Then all that is playing, have a different tempo and melody of desperation. And as they are playing at the same time Illustrate each thought dying and coming back as with the song stopping and continuing.\\
ah wonderful! “parallel analogy format using double colons:”
Music :: Memories
Ideas :: Creation :: Expression :: Time
Song :: Musical concept :: Idea :: Thought
Air traffic control :: Software :: Programming languages :: Planes :: Safe operation
Strategies :: Techniques :: Coordination :: Prioritization :: Thoughts :: Emotions
CPU cache :: Buffer :: Frequently accessed data :: Computer system :: Managing distractions :: Competing demands :: Thoughts :: Emotions\

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