You may not realize it, but you can have a successful time on the Internet without ever visiting ANY chan sites whatsoever.

You may not realize it, but you can have a successful time on the Internet without ever visiting ANY chan sites whatsoever.
IRL, I run a few websites, yeah. Ran a Minecraft server from my crappy laptop from 2012-2014 too. Got popular enough but it was killing my HD.

I gave up rolling my own social networks after FB finally caught on. I REALLY didn’t want it to, but here I am, embarrassingly. I have to apologize to friends when I mention something from FB. They’re like, “You’re on FACEBOOK!?!!” and I’m like… sigh… yeah…


WAAAAY back when I ran a few chan type sites, I used this software: – I forget which one I liked better.

I had a whole series of them chained together under a hierarchy, “”

Did it for about a year, got bored. But that’s the closest I came to 4chan, outside of visiting it a couple of times like 8-10 yrs ago. Damn, I think I was on dialup…

I liked the anonymity of it on principle, but wasn’t a fan of the culture that was growing out of it through the years. I follow subcultures that come out of forums/social networks, but I try not to get too involved. When I do, I end up doing stupid things like making 15,000 Vines. [I got hooked on Vine]

=== The image is MARVELOUSLY failing on imgur but they’re going crazy on iFunny. Those are two more sites I avoided. imgur I avoided for years and iFunny as well.

As soon as I let myself start using them, I started seeing what would be popular and what wouldn’t be on various networks. I like ever-changing memes. They get stale quickly. I miss the illuminati stuff from a couple of years ago, as well as the #getrekt stuff. That was fun while it lasted.


tbh, nothing’s changed. Faster bandwidths, images load better and it’s no longer just nerds online. But trolling used to be called flaming… it happened on Usenet and BBS’ instead of the chans, FB, etc. But socially, it’s the same – just more of it. I love it smile emoticon


Meh. Too much rationalizing and explaining going on for it to be primal or instinct. You’re just having fun. Totally different scenario.


When I was 16/17, my trainer in school secretly put me in a competition for “Clean and Jerk”. I didn’t know it: I was just in special training after school.. took the late bus home.

One day, he presents me with a 3rd place award for my weight class statewide.

I was proud. My mother had a fit ’cause she never signed off on it. [I have a crap back but I knew how to tighten my abs properly].


I’m lucky. At 44 now, haven’t been to a gym since I was 30, I just have to do some Charles Atlas style “muscle against muscle”, keep my protein intake regular, and I keep all the gains I had from my last gym experience.

It’s body type: I’ve got the type that gains muscle easily, doesn’t lose it. This also makes me prone to potbelly but whatever. But I know if I ever stop into a gym at any point before I’m dead, I can add muscle after a few weeks.

I feel bad for ppl who have one of the other body types and can’t bulk easily.

and yeah – “Clean and Jerk” – I hated the name of it. It’s the one where you go under the bar, standing, and lift it up over your head and hover it over your shoulders.

You just have to do it once, and get it back on the bar (over the head a second time… or duck down and step forward)


wait – I’m wrong – I had to lift it up from the floor…. no wonder she was pissed lol.


Doesn’t matter: you can still gain strength. Plus you have a HUGE advantage someone with my body type doesn’t: You can probably do more yoga type stuff than I can. Flexibility. I got none of that. Also, being lanky you can wear fashion. I never could. I just have to wear whatever.

=== Example:
Here’s me at 14 yrs old. 1986. Skinny Jeans were in fashion, just like they’ve been again for the last 10 yrs or so.

My legs: You can see the muscles trying to push out. I didn’t want that. I wanted Michael Jackson slim. But nope:

That fedora though: – when that neckbeard meme stuff came out with the fedora, I was laughing my ass off. I could’ve been one of ’em so easily.


I was so swag I was sweg. I even did the thing where you flip the fedora up and bow. I have NO freakin’ idea where that shit came from either. It went along with the “ooh, he has three earrings in his left ear…” thing. oh well. I’ve embraced the adolescent awkwardness. tongue emoticon



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