You know what I hate about people ranting? They just start ranting and never stop

You know what I hate about people ranting? They just start ranting and never stop! And sometimes they don’t get off the ground either. They just go on and on about this one singular thing, like it means anything. I mean, they’re ranting, right? And I hate it right? And they start. And they should KNOW that I hate ranting, because I just said so, even if they didn’t hear me say it before, WELL, they’re HEARING IT NOW, and they should retroactively GET IT that I didn’t ever want them ranting in the first place, because I HATE ranting and they should read my mind about that and you know, I just don’t get why people don’t can’t just DO THAT!

Furthermore, even if they DO get out of the starting gate in their ranting, well, they still can’t read my mind. I mean, it PISSES ME OFF that they even started ranting in the first place! They should know – THEY KNOW that NOBODY OBVIOUSLY LIKES ranting. I mean I hate ranting, therefore, AS WE ALL KNOW, if _I_ hate ranting, EVERYBODY who is ANYBODY hates ranting just like I do, and anybody who DOESN’T HATE ranting, well, they’re nobody aren’t they, because they aren’t me, and they don’t agree with me. People who don’t agree with me about hating ranting, well, they’re just not people are they?

On top of it, ranting just keeps going and going and going. It never really gets that far. And when it DOES go further, it just returns back around again to the beginning again ANYWAY, in this giant circle of RANT… and HATE, and well, I just RANT when people are HATING RANTING.

In fact, I HATE people who hate ranting! People who hate ranting just don’t understand the value that ranting about hate has. And hating ranting, well, that’s just rantful. It’s also hateful!

Plus, I just HATE HATE! Why, I hate hate so much that I hate hating! How can I hate hate? I have no idea! I mean, if I’m hating hating aren’t I just hating myself? And I just want to RANT about hating myself. Hating myself is why I rant in the first place. I mean, it makes sense that I have so much to say about it. I mean, I know myself but I don’t want to take CREDIT for hating so I rant about it and I project it on other people.

And I HATE people who project themselves onto other people and blame them for EVERYTHING. Just hating hate ranting about ranting… GRRR…

…it just makes me want to rant about it.

Maybe I’ll do that one day.



^ ps that was humor – enjoy - I’m rather proud of it tongue emoticon – just for u guys

[best response:
“That was such beautiful satirical ironic hypocritical sarcastic rant I’ve ever heard…. Thank you dude”

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