You know #haveyoueverhadad

You know #haveyoueverhadadream #kid – but did you ever see this #epic #dubstep of it? Instead of making fun of the kid #stuttering – it instead shows what he was intending in his mind. #memes are often cruel. But this is #positive – and I first heard this dubstep when it first came out a couple of years ago – and I came across it again while making a #vine and it’s just as awesome as it was before. This single remix should make up for all of the millions of unkind digs at him: Why do you think he was stuttering?

he was stuttering because he was trying describe something #impossible to describe – for anybody at any age! Try getting the words out of your mouth to describe all of the awesome things that you just saw in your dream? And our idiot #internetsociety doesn;’t get it. But you do. You do.

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