You have to perform your own backups, even when you use the cloud and other Internet infrastructures.

I really should work in archives. The Internet is my area of concern. I watch information disappear constantly. Things that used to findable or available are just *poof* – gone.

Finding ANYTHING before 2008 on the ‘net? Good luck on that. I’ve been here since 1989 and watched the vanishing and it’s painful. I save what I can that’s important to me.

I’m EXTREMELY grateful to Internet Archive and other efforts like that for the preservation though.

I am, however, concerned with the Cloud. Not inherently wrong, but placing your data with corporations that are subject to takeovers and upgrading, all guarantees are words on paper… wait, well, checkboxes on an HTML form.

You have to perform your own backups, even when you use the cloud and other Internet infrastructures.

Regarding media, I’ve been slowly putting my cassette tapes onto the computer. Years of old piano playing recorded. I’ve got a good portion of it. Already there’s degrading, although not too bad yet, as the earliest I have only goes back to the early 1980s.

In fact, that’s reminding me – I want to get all of those old kid me piano playing and stick them up on Internet Archive.

They let everybody upload anything to there. smile emoticon One of the things that made Usenet very powerful was its distribution methodology; many copies of the same thing. Very robust.

Git and other somewhat more complicated systems are more or less doing the same thing but for application development. I never dove into that but I know it works for those who use it.

yeah, it’s a passion I try to subdue. I think 50-100 yrs in the future. Example: Where will our conversation here be? You and I typing right now?

The year is 2285 and there’s something CRITICAL that happened between Brian Hobbs and Kenneth Udut that has great historical significance.

They won’t be able to find it. Facebook will be long gone by then. I think of those things.

That’s why I try not to think about it tongue emoticon

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