you have my fullest confidence that your story will be interesting and it will be YOUR story.

Nerves can be reknitted, through physical therapy, dedication, and hope. She has a community of hope around her and I am proud to be a part of that community that you just formed, John Bridgeman – of 48 people that might otherwise not be joined together in this way.

She has friends she may never meet whose hearts are with her. I am one of those hearts and she is in my prayers and hopes for her ongoing improvement.

Physical therapy stinks. It’s hard, boring, repetitive, painful, frustrating and at times, seems pointless. But it’s not pointless; it’s POSSIBLE.

Fight strong, Alexandra Dixon. When you feel weak, those who are here thinking and praying for you will be strong. Heart strings may be invisible things but they are very real and they cross time and space. The drudgery, boredom and pain ARE worth the struggle. Life is worth the pain.

You have have something none of us have: yourself. You are the only Alexandra Dixon there ever was, is, or will be in the history of humanity, and you are writing your life story with every day you fight through the pain.

Whether or not this event defines you life or not, is your choice. Your story is your story and your path is your path. It is uniquely yours and while we can’t control the circumstances we find ourselves in, our responses belong to us. You have my prayers but more than that, you have my fullest confidence that, however you choose to write your life story, it will be an interesting story and it will be your story.

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