You have been removed from the Children’s Rights List. Some things:

You have been removed from the Children’s Rights List.

Some things:
1. I cannot use “Listserv” because I am on VMS.  Therefore, the Children’s
Rights List is just a glorified mailing list.  If you know of a listserv
that would support my list, then please tell me, for I would much rather
be running a Listserv remotely, rather than this mailing list (which
causes some problems, as you’ve noted)

2. The level of discourse:  This list is only about two weeks old (if that).
There are people out there who feel very emotionally attached to the
subject.  They have spent years wanting to talk about it, but only getting
laughed in the face at, both by friends, and by colleagues.  Now, they
have a chance to speak up, and, of course, it will come in a rush.

As you might have guessed, I am one who has spent years trying to
find someone else to talk about this subject with.  And I don’t
imagine the level of emotions to go down for a while, for there are
lots of ideas, concepts, feelings that just have been bottled up for
too long….

I do hope that I get on a Listserv soon.  Then it will be easier for
people such as yourself to deal with it.  I’m sorry I can’t help you
further, but you will be welcome back with open arms if you come back
sometime in the future.

I will say that if you prefer the discourse on the list to be more
on a removed, purely academic level (and I may have the assumption
about you wrong), then you should have started discussion in that
manner.  You can expect to get back what you put in.

I do hope to see you back sometime in the future, for I can see that
you have some interest in this topic, and I feel that the more people
discuss something, the better the likelyhood that something will
get done will be.

Best of luck in your other endevours,
–Kenneth Udut

From:   HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-ordinator”
Date:   20-SEP-1991 17:02:09.16
Subj:    RE: Cancel subscription

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