You have an original Tandy 1000.

You have an original Tandy 1000.

The keyboard you need is the Tandy 1000 keyboard.  You can get it from
Radio Shack for about $99, or you can beg it off of someone from this
newsgroup, probably for about $25-30.

Hard cards work beautifully in Tandy 1000’s.

You can get a boot disk as well as a copy of the original Deskmate for
$5/diskette.  My suggestion:

Get both MS-DOS 2.11 and MS-DOS 3.20.  You won’t need any greater
versions than those.  2.11 has the beauty of taking up less memory.  3.20
has many of the extra features you might be used to.

Good luck!  Your local Radio Shack also has “Tandy FAXback”.  Ask them
about it and see what information they can get you on the Tandy 1000 from it.


via comp.sys.tandy

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