– you guys each have a ‘something’ that’s totally unique.

+Alex Green +Phil Sierra Jones +Phil Sierra Jones PS – you guys each have a ‘something’ that’s totally unique.  Words are no good for this stuff.  That ‘something’, whatever it is, that singularity that likes within each of you that everything processes through, ties the world together, constructs it as you go along… is just, really really awesome.

I don’t believe in Auras for example.  I’m a skeptic and all that stuff.  Yet, in a sense, I think they’re onto something in that there really are some hidden things within that aren’t apparent on the surface, something deep and true and also full of crap sometimes, really certain and totally confused at the same time.  I don’t have a name for it; all the names I’ve heard for it don’t do it justice.  So I’ll just call it a “something”.  I’m in no position to give it a name for other people anyway; I can’t see/hear/feel/think/be what other ppl are.  That’s why I use “I” a lot.  It’s the closest thing to honest that I can be, even though I’m full of shit, sometimes, usually when I feel the most authentic, as much as I hate to admit it 😛   I’m just another “you can do it man, thumbs up self-help coach type person” anyway – somebody made fun of me once and said that to me, and they’re probably right from their perspective. 😛  But at this moment, I believe everything I’m saying.  Best I can do 🙂

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