You forced me to think and I hated you for that. Have a good life!

I’ve learned to try to stay away from writing poems, forcing myself into the world of prose, argument, debate, etc. I’ve had a habit since I was a teenager, of writing short wise sayings and putting them up around me.

I had a job in my early 20s where every morning I would think up a new “food for thought” that I considered original.

I’d post it on my cubicle.

One guy at the job hated me – and I never even worked with him. I didn’t know why. But.. I wanted to.

On my last day of work, I stopped him; our first time and last time talking.

“Listen, I’m leaving today. But I have to know something: I know you don’t like me and that’s ok, but I would really like to know why.”

He looked nervously around, as if to see if anybody was watching. He leaned in close for a dramatic moment, and then backed away.

He started walking away, and turned his head slightly towards my direction and said,

“Its those damn quotes you stuck all over your cubicle every day. You forced me to think and I hated you for that. Have a good life!”, as he turned the corner.

I learned a lot that day

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