You can’t convince people by logic and reason. You must make them believe and use stupid tricks. We all do it already.


  • People aren’t generally convinced by logic and reason alone. There’s typically exaggeration, hyperbole, rhetoric, thought experiments, appeals to authority and all sorts of silly tricks used to emotionally convince a person to believe. Logic/Reason don’t work without a belief or push from the amygdala to nudge them in one direction or the other. It has to be “felt” as “right” or “wrong”. People with damaged amygdalas are PURELY logical and rational, as close as a human can be… and they can spent MONTHS debating simple decisions.. because the circuit giving that extra “push” over to right or wrong… just isn’t working right.
  • Kenneth Udut I used several of those tricks in the above statement. In fact, I used all of them, now that I look at it, all to convince you I am right. Silly how humans communicate isn’t it? Oh well. It’s what I am, so I have to do it I guess.
  • Kenneth Udut Oh, add false humility. I’m not sure what it’s official name is. But I just used that one. People like that. Politicians especially. “Oh but I, the humble human…”.. *sigh*.


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