You can make yourself a frontiersman of sorts wherever you

My brother + I run an Animal Trapping business here in Florida, but it’s *probably* a different type of trapping [well, I do the business side].

We trap raccoons, armadillos, stuff like that. His idea He wanted to work with animals, so I made a business for him happen. smile emoticon 12 yrs and counting!

I skinned deer with him (he’s a hunter during season) a few times. Once I even tanned a hide. That was a LOT of stinky work.

I also successfully (took a long time) got the meat off of a deer skull (that was too mangled for him to mount), by putting it on top of a red ant pile and. waiting

Then stinky scraping.

Then bleached. Now it hangs up as a decoration.

and I’m a suburban New Jersey boy (so was he) but he’s lived here a long time. I just moved here 14 yrs ago.

Point is: You can make yourself a frontiersman of sorts wherever you go just about smile emoticon


…UNLESS they’re released on private property with written permission of the property owner.

Well, turns out, we own a separate property not far away. We give ourselves permission. The raccoons live.

[and we’ve trapped coyotes and bobcats before – that was a pain in the ass making traps work for them. Bobcats were as hard, but coyotes are REALLY smart and after a handful of coyote jobs, he didn’t want to do it anymore, even though we were able to charge good money for them]

But, we were the only ones with a successful, “no kill” method for coyotes that we came with ourselves. The leg traps are inhumane anyway and we’d never use them. [the coyotes had to die by law but at least the CUSTOMER never had to see it die. We came up with a camoflagued “cage” contraption that would lock them in.

The hardest thing was baiting and location. REAL pain in the butt… as was getting the spring tension right.
“Affordable Trapping” – used to rank #1 in Google ’til they decided my spammy marketing methods were spam 2 yrs ago and penalized all my hard work tongue emoticon Still, I beat ’em for a lot of years tongue emoticon

We also live off the grid whenever the power goes out or there’s a hurricane. We live 5 miles north of the everglades restoration project (federal protected lands) so we’re kinda the forgotten corner of Naples Some maps don’t even have our street on it. OR the cross street. It’s like, “guys, um, we’re HERE you know.. MAP US!”

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