you can legally say NOBODY helped you with this.

Its all yours, although I could do it. I’ve got several registered business names, one of which is SOMEBODY and another is NOBODY. [I don’t use them for anything: I was writing poetry in the fictitious names database – it was worth the $].

Get batch of cheap patchoulli from China, a whole bunch of tiny little bottles from Soap Goods or whoever sells that stuff, printer labels, design it, fill, stick them on, market it on Google and Amazon and advertise it on forums wherever you go as if you’re “just heard of this amazing thing”…. and there you go. Solid Business Plan. But you’ll have to set up your own – you can legally say NOBODY helped you with this.


My favorite was “Fictitious Name Search”. I discovered if you go there and just press the “Search” button where it’s pre-filled with “Fictitious Name Search”, now I come up. Except the business Fictitious Name Search is owned by Somebody. I do real trolls tongue emoticon



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