You can choose to live with pain or try to do something to fix it.

You can choose to live with pain or try to do something to fix it.

So driving them out of town by threatening bodily harm on their child is ok?

It’s not okay.


Did you see the threats made? Is that abuse?

If social services went to their home, would they find abuse in the home?


Actually, surgery waits until 18. There is a lot of misinformation about what really happens.

You don’t like it. I understand that. But if social services does not see abuse, it is at a low low level of priority to what you find distasteful compared to abuse from neighbors and life threats.

This story could have been about a girl who had odd shaped ears.

Adults CONSPIRED to work together to destroy a child in their town.


I’ve heard one argument that I think is partially valid but only one and points to a greater problem that’s true:

Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms are a staple from the seediest dive bars to the fanciest hotel and every diner in the USA.

Women being harassed use the women’s bathroom as a “safety zone” that most men, even angry and 80% psychopathic, tend to respect.

So, I also knew that not all men respect “the sign” from a young age and my first exposure to unisex bathrooms (college, 1990/1991) was easy for me and I’ve advocated for unisex bathrooms since.

BUT: if a woman’s bathroom is the only “partially effective refuge”, then that points to a far GREATER problem: Lack of women’s crisis centers.

(why not police? Mostly men and/or unsympathetic to harassment issues)

That said, I’m completely for unisex and also that using the bathroom of your choosing is ok, as one ULTIMATELY has nothing to do with the other.



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