You can call me Rev. Udut scientific religion

thanks! I have all this stuff bubbling in my head all of the time, and it’s great to let it out. everybody ’round here likes talking about what each other did wrong today, or 5 years ago. I like “nature of things” talk — gotta find my group in real life too!

Ancestrial Cosmologists – Cosmic Ancestrians — I like them both! i think Ancestrial Cosmology has a great ring to it. “Oh, there goes those crazy Ancestrial Cosmologists again, all talking science and stuff.” Yeah, i dig it!

I’d like to merge science and religion, just because they’re both on a quest for Truth. Carl Sagan was a devotee of science – that was his religion – but he was antireligion. The thing is, when scientists talk antireligion, they start to sound pretty dumb to me since all of their arguments against religion are the same ones. They don’t use the same scientific rigorousness in their arguments against religion that they do when pursuing a scientific truth, and that always takes away what they have to say a little bit to me. Cuts them down a notch, which is sad.

The URGE to say THANKS, BIG YOU! is a Veeeerrrrry strong one in people. You can say “Thanks, mom and dad for having sex, otherwise I wouldn’t be here tonight” but that would be creepy and get old quickly. But the urge to worship, to have repeatable ways to say “thanks” (prayers, candle lighting, looking at pretty gold things, icons, singing songs in groups of people, having something around your neck to touch when things are getting rough) — it’s a very STRONG urge in many many people, and it’s not going away.

Calling people who follow religions stupid just makes the one calling them stupid look stupid and uneducated. ‘you’re an idiot” – “no, “YOU’RE” an idiot” – this is “why” you’re an idiot – oh yeah, this is why YOU are an idiot — that kind of talk just goes around and around and around and goes noplace, helps no one.

So i thought, “there has to be way to come up with a religion that SCIENTIFIC PEOPLE might be willing to give a shot to. For the sermon, you’d have the latest theories about life, the universe and everything. The songs of praise could be to the 92 Elements – each one could have their own songs, praising their roles in day-to-day life and in the universe. Extremely useful chemical combinations could also have their songs. The Forces would be sung about, I think a whole book praising Gravity in song is in order.

why has no one come up with this before? Somebody must have. and if nobody has, then there is a severe GAP.

Man, i wanna hear a couple of songs praising maxwell and the electromagnetic field. I want to see little scientific experiments done up front – show me neat magnetic tricks, the iron filings making the invisible fields visible. For the candles, i want to see blue copper flames.

THIS is my kind of religion. I’ll gladly stick money in the collection plate.

I’m even a Reverand – You can call me Rev. Udut – no no – call me Pastor Ken – oh – wait – Father Kenneth – my mother and I years ago got ordained by the Universal Life Church (online of course) – she knows i always wanted to start a church (ever since I was a teenager) but I could never find something worth while. The only thing I could ever think of would be a church of Learning, where every week you learn something new, and it would also be a PRACTICAL church — there’d be groups on “how to save money” – household formulas for cleaning, how to fix your credit, how to do a job interview – how to handle a cheating spouse – along with scientific inquiries – “let’s extract DNA” and we all take blood samples of ourselves and extract our own DNA and stick it in a pretty glass vial mounted on a wooden plaque — that’s a great one for the kids!

And I’m not kidding! it’s just a matter of DOING it instead of wanting it. The way to manifest things into reality is to take ACTION, small actions every day = big results in the end.

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