You once agreed with yourself. Why did you change your mind?

To understand Truth, you must understand your own morality.


To do so, you must understand another person, alive, dead, real and fictional alike, as much as you wish and you must, for some period of contemplation, become them.


Ask yourself:

“Why did I think those things?”

“Why did I do those things?”

“How did I become what I became?”

not to discover who you’re NOT, but to discover who you are.
Everything you are flows from who you are.

You are every person you understand, in some measure.

You are every person you don’t understand, in some measure.


“Who I am not” is the worst deception, for that’s also a part of who you are.

It is a level beyond Empathy.
You must first agree and understand.  “Why did I say and do such things and ideas?” before you can rightly say, “I disagree with myself here.”

It is not enough to say, “I would not have said that!”  I could not have been that person!  I disagree with you!”, rather:

You *did* say that.

You *did* do that.

You *are* that person.

You once agreed with yourself.  Understand why you disagree with yourself now.  Why did you JUST change your mind?

Theirs is Yours.  You are They as much as You are You.

-Kenneth Udut, 12-23-2014

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