You are awesome out of context – text of book as on Amazon

I’ve become known as a noun.

“A Ken”


“Will there be Kens in the other departments?”


May 10, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 4



I like to walk with my eyes closed.

It is very relaxing – Is there a place where: – you can walk with your eyes closed? – Or learn to live like a blind man? – Or can you make a place like that?


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 5



A can of ice cold soda

is the perfect fit to stick behind your collar, to cool off your neck.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 6



Learn to say “Yes” with joy.

That is freedom.


(Say it with as much relish as a child says “No”).


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 8




“Just see how the world looks when you have gone from the world”


(When you have become absolutely transparent)


You are not… and the world continues.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 8



If you are no longer enjoying something,

drop it.


There is nothing wrong with doing that.


There is everything right with doing that.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 9


From Mom: To eat healthy,

shop around the perimeter of the supermarket! That’s where the fresh fruits, vegs, meats, chees, eggs, bread are!


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 10


Keep your mind

in the middle of your tongue and all thought stops.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 10



No matter how broken you are

or feel on the outside, there is an inner “me” that is pure, untouched and that is what brings healing.


The inner core is not touched by the External.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 11


Create Holidays for every

day of the year, celebrating various things like paper, apples, streams, ideology day, etc.


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 12


Is there someone who

can take what I can sing/play in piano, and, using that as if a rough clay, give it molding and refinement?


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 12


Write a journal as if

a travelogue – Everything as you experience it – or just before or just after write it down!


May 11, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 13


Travel VERY light.


Buy the clothes you need when there, and mail them back home.


May 14, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 14


1) I want a girlfriend or

to write. 2) I want friends, not just acquaintances. 3) I want to feel free to pursue happiness.


May 14, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 19


Do I want to change?

Yes! Why? Overall goal for interactive or social change is: – to feel confident in these situations, – to be able to speak in front of groups well, – to know what to say and what NOT to say. – to be able to comfortably BE in situations that I constantly avoid. 2 year timeline Why? Because it takes lots of practice. It’s important so that I don’t feel anxious in the circumstances and comfort is very important to me.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 20 [update May 21, 2014: I have not yet acheived this goal]


Open a dating service

that specializes in the handicapped.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 21


“Dread, then do!”


-Shy people support group slogan idea.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 22


Invent/find a device using sonar

on a car to measure feet away from objects on all sides. Have the dashboard make a sound and show a flashing red light on the side where to object is to give the driver a quick cue.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 22 [update May 21, 2014: I was not aware of backup sensors at the time]


When I am stressed, I feel

hot, Flush, itchy, my ears ring and burn, short of breath (sometimes a cough or tickle appears) and my mind starts spinning or obsessing over physical symptoms, tunnel vision, my neck stiffens, I want to scream, I prattle off when talking, my shoulders move up to my ears.


When I’m relaxed, I feel time passing by me at managable speed; Alive! Comfortable. I talk slowly, confidently, I feel in control. My hands are warm. I can see the horizon. I feel certain. I feel safe. My shoulders are down. I’m breathing slowly and deeply. My head is cool.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 24


Time to be your own Father.


Find a picture of you as a kid (probably the one in the white shirt in the 2nd grade as it is before the 3rd Grade picture with the crooked glasses and awful smile that is the source of your self-esteem problems)


Start cultivating a relationship with your “Inner Child”.


Have a picture of you, then, and as you are recently.


These will become your Father/Son or Adult/Child setup.


Raise the boy up.


May 15, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 25-26


You are doing EXACTLY

what you are supposed to be doing, right now.


You look exactly as you ought to look, right now.


You are feeling exactly what you are supposed to be feeling, right now.


You are thinking exactly what you are supposed to be thinking, right now.


You are reacting exactly as you are supposed to be reacting, right now.


Right at this very moment.


– during a bout of anxiety, depression, anger, denial, frustration, inaction, paralysis


May 16, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 27 [update May 21, 2014. My Internet has been down and it came up again. I decided to send that message to Vine in a video, to Facebook and Google Plus as a message to thousands of people. It sent successfully. Then my Internet went down again. I expect coincidences to happen because that is how things happen sometimes. I don’t have any fancy reasons why except there are buckets – and then there is the stuff to put in the buckets. In this case, these words are the stuff and they will reach a bucket out there that needs to be filled by them. It doesn’t make me special. That’s just how things work]



Create a supportive group for

Poets, Bards and Storytellers to read aloud in a supportive environment.


May 17, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 32


If I were all alone,

what would I do?


What would arise out of me?


There would be no one else to perform for.


No one to impress.


No one for you to say, “Hey! Look what I can do?”


How would you spend your time?


Just you.


All resources would be available to you, but no other people.




May 17, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 37


Write a book every 2

-3 weeks.


May 18, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 40


Many things in life happen

in one year cycles but we are not always aware of it. For me, I tend to get bursts of new ideas and make new connections around the middle of May. I wasn’t aware of this until I started this project last year.


May 21, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Here.


You CAN write a

“How To Be Happy Book”, even if you’re not.


May 21, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 44


Empty, In, Full, Out

(repeat) (diagram of figure 8 representing the process).


May 22, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 49


The Universe runs on the power of the possible.


May 22, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 52


Your Body was created by

your parents. Your Mind was created by society. You didn’t get to choose your body. But you can work on your mind.


May 22, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 59


Do. Then Ask.


(because then, you have something to ask about!)


May 22, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 60


Before you go to bed,

go over everything you did today.


May 22, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 62


I see things by

mentally feeling them with my hands.


May 29, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 64


Start looking up

rather than down.


May 30, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid 3×5 Pg 65


Start focusing on

objects in the distance while you’re walking.


May 30, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid Page 65


If you want to write about

the mind, find metaphors that are on the beginning cusp of public consciousness.


Then you will be a great man.


May 30, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid Page 66


Want to be an instant poet?


Get rid of the nouns and use only impersonal verbs, modified by “it”.


“Upward behind the onstreaming it mooned”


not “the moon rose above the river”.


May 30, 2001-Kenneth Udut-Rite Aid Page 67


Change comes down to four things:


More of something, Less of something, Stays the Same or Goes Away.


<, >, =, 0


May 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Red CPP Wireless Pg 6


Express how you feel but

go with the flow.


That way, you keep your calmness but you are expressing what you feel.


Most importantly, you are keeping your pace, which is the key to self-control – your Tempo.


May 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Red CPP Wireless Pg 7-8


In music, you often expect a

note to follow another note, or a chord to follow another chord.


Tension and release.


It’s in the pattern almost matching but not yet, or the FLIP.


Anticipation of the next thing in the sequence brings the excitement to music


May 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Red CPP Wireless Pg 9-10


Music IS the map, and

the journey itself.


Traveling down familiar roads.


May 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Red CPP Wireless Pg 10


Patterns of neural activity

– perhaps even the axions themselves can be exactly seen in a person’s pattern of behaviour!


May 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Red CPP Wireless Pg 11


If you weren’t here yet or

don’t remember, don’t feel guilty. It’s just “history” for you. If you have to pretend to care because others around you are making a fuss, you can. But you don’t have to feel as if you’re supposed to feel something if you don’t.

I feel something because I was supposed to be there in bldg 5 for unix training from 9/10 – 9/15 but I already knew unix so I got out of training. And got out of a really horrible day.

But don’t feel guilty. Pretend if you must for those around you but don’t feel bad if you feel nothing for it especially if its just a history lesson for you.


The message nobody says so I will say it: If you weren’t here, or don’t remember 9/11 Don’t feel guilty. It’s not wrong if you feel nothing.
A lot of people who are asked to remember won’t remember or can’t remember and it’s kinda not fair, really. I mean it’s good to know about, good lessons to teach – but just like other wars and, well, 99.999% of Human History, it’s, well, a History Lesson. Maybe it’ll make sense, maybe it won’t. I remember being made to feel bad – not by family but by teachers and things – because “You Need To Remember the blah blah blah” thing that happened before you were born” – and I’d like, “Um. it happened before I was born!” – and I felt bad and then I felt a little guilty ’cause I didn’t feel like I felt bad enough and didn’t know what to do about it.

So I figured, this time around, maybe I can help someone know that it’s ok if you don’t feel bad for something, even when people say you should. It’s a choice. And everybody deserves a choice.


KENNETH UDUT-Sep 11, 2013- Google+


#chaos and #complexity solved

by Ken.

It takes a certain amount of energy to break free of the entanglement of acceleration. The answer is to cool down below absolute zero Kelvin. Temperature = acceleration. Just like Gravity = Acceleration. The thing that combines all of the forces… the Elephant in the room they’re not looking at… is #acceleration #higgs #higgsboson #hadroncollider #science

and somebody way smarter than me can figure out the math and make the gravity fields and accelerometers and magnetic fields and electrical fields. I have virtual ones of those in my head – I don’t need the equipment to prove it.

They’ll keep looking for mysterious particles to fill in the Standard Model with. They’re really wasting their time. Will they find little accelerating balls of “something” whose motions loop through the loops of other accelerating balls of “something”? Yes. And let’s just keep them busy like that. It’s how we get awesome huge accelerating things like the Large Hadron Collider to get built.


August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


In the moment of change, was

the creation of Time because it now has a Before and an After.

“The child appears in the kitchen and Suddenly declares”. If I was to write this in religious terms, I would say. There was God. Then suddenly, God had an itch. And He scratched.” It is the first ? – and to have a question you need two parts: The thing and the confusion. The first wiggle in a straight line. So many analogies for this. The start of the first blip of life in a heart-rate monitor, the moment it goes from Flat Line to the registering of the heart beat. The first note of the first song. The first wavelength. The first temperature. It fits everything. It’s the secret to all comedy too. I finally know how to tell a joke after all these years because I understand the formula

August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


here’s the funny parlor trick

that scientists depend on without usually analyzing is: Randomness = God. If there is a thing we don’t understand, we can call it Random. We can call it God. We can call it Infinities. We can call it a paradox… the focal point – the singularity… But in the end, it’s simply the ? that we don’t have the ! to yet.


August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


The failure of full understanding

comes from having a “something” that we refuse to accept. Something we ignore. Something we just aren’t allowed to question. Science is not allowed to look at poetry, at least as a hard science, but it should because science writes in the language of poets. (analogies – analogies are the ONLY way we know anything – XOR -something different? write it down. say it. Do something. Grow. It is how memories grow from within. It is how roots grow by pushing from within the seed to outwards. – they grow down to reach through the dirt towards the water and up through the sky to reach the sun from within the moment they feel the sun and the water… growth is due to irritation (also it is where cancer comes from, algae blooms, mental instability – “too much in one direction” – unbalancing the systems)

But: having something we refuse to accept also LEADS to greater knowledge. We keep looking deeper and deeper and deeper to get the details, or zoom out further and further and further to get “the big picture”. I could babble on about this subject forever.

August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


And truly, by seeing multiple perspectives,

you become well rounded. You’re not just the blind men feeling the leg of the elephant, or the tail or the trunk, but you know there is an elephant there, in an ecosystem, on a planet, spinning around other spinning things around other spinning things around other spinning things.

You described infinite loops perfect. “Why?” “Why not?” “Why? Why not?”

An answer is a long straight piece of dry spaghetti full of potential. A question is hot, cooked spaghetti, all tangled together, all the internal starchiness exposed.

A Why? Why Not? Loop is what happens when you are inside of the spaghetti, walking around the starchiness and not following any particular strand of squishy spaghetti to try to find your way out of it to see where you truly were and what you truly are.

A why why not loop does have its purpose though. it is an interesting form of Acceptance. “This is confusing! Of course it is! This is confusing! Of course it is! This is confusing! Of course it is!”

Here is an interesting property of Corn Starch, which is probably somewhat true of all starches, including wheat:

If you find yourself trapped in a vat of corn starch, if you try to rush your way out of it, you will end up trapped and unable to move. It is true quicksand.

You have to work your way out slowly and carefully, gauging your pace so that you are not too slow to sink but not so fast that you get trapped.

When you are trapped in the midsts of confusion, you have to ask the right questions (move towards the light, or towards the edge of the vat to get out of it) but not try to rush your way out or you will break (go crazy, get mad, lose your ability to ask proper questions at all) – in the right way and really LOOK to see where you are first before you make the first step, and step thoughtfully and carefully to find your way out.. not too slowly nor too quickly.. but finding what is “just right”…

August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I learned the secret of “Why?”

back in high school spanish. Porque? For What? Or… For What Reason?

Now, when a Why is formulated as “For What?” THEN that is something answerable. You have to give reasons, justifications, arguments. It becomes a “What.”

And that changes everything and makes Why’s useful again.

And the why/why not? becomes “For what reasons is it?” “For what reasons is it not?” – the ridiculousness is exposed, unless you are actually trying to prove “gaps” which are certainly possible.

For what reason is the bucket in the shape that it is it?

To hold stuff.

For what reason is the bucket not in a different topology/shape?

Because then it couldn’t hold stuff.

For what reason is there nothing in the bucket?

So that it can hold stuff.

Why is the bucket not full?

Because you didn’t put anything in it yet.

Reformulating Why? to “For what?” fixes the Why/why not problem ūüôā

And actually, the correct answer to “Why?” really is – “Because it is”. The trick is: Explaining the “because” Then you have a “How?”

How and For What and Why are almost the same. And, actually, they’re all the same question, formulated for different dimensions. Beacause place and space and time are the same thing, just pointing different ways.

August 19, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


How to be happy:

Leave yourself notes about happy things everywhere.

May 28, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


How to NOT be clumsy:

Having no depth perception, I’ve been clumsy my whole life. I’ve compensated by keeping my hands in and not reaching out to get things unless I needed to, because I always seemed to knock things over.

Well, half a lifetime later, I realized the very simple rule that most people probably learn when they are very young: CLEARANCE.

If you’re eating, you might spill over your glass of milk.

If you have your soda by the computer, you might knock it over the computer and break it.

If you’re working with power tools, you might cut off your fingers or cut your arm or face.

Knowing your #bodyspace is necessary.

November 6, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Life’s Hard. But

it’s worth it. Give it a shot.


October 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


1) Compare how small you are to

the size of the Universe
2) Compare how large the Universe is to the size of you.

Got it yet?


How small you are.

really… really.. small. Smaller than this .

or 1/2 of .

or 1/99999999999999 of .

You’re tiny.

So insignificantly tiny that, well, you don’t exist.

But yet, you do.

and Here you are,

and Here I am

July 22, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


3.984375 ……….¬†terabytes

Why the brain amazes me. Testing out possibilities of my old Microsoft Excel 2000 to see if the tool I’ve been looking for has been sitting in front of me the whole time – the one I’m expert at. Check this out:
65536 rows
256 columns
1024 characters can be displayed in a cell addressable using =mid
255 addressable characters (using the =char
4,380,866,641,920 directly addressable using formulas.

– 4,080¬†……….¬†gigabytes

In a SINGLE old Excel Sheet.
(given enough memory/diskspace)

This that’s awesome, check out this thought experiment:and remember:
this is just a single sheet.
in a single workbook.
in a single directory.
on a single hard drive
on a single computer
on a single LAN
on the internet

Multiple sheets
Multiple workbooks
Multiple Directories
Multiple Hard Drives
Multiple Computers
Multiple LANS

Multiples of all of these on the Internet.

Are all easily addressable from a single formula on an Excel Spreadsheet.

AND.. I did not include:

56 colors
4000 cell cyles
or VBA (visual basic for applications)
which can directly address those dimensions as well.
or the real total of 32767 characters per cell.
Nor did I use Unicode
or further variations accessable via VBA such as
255 width for column or
409 points high for rows

All easily accessible dimensions through VBA. You can pin point any cell.

And… THAT’S JUST LOCATING A byte of information.

and to top it off:

I didn’t go into this:

How can you compare the relationship between one byte and another?

geographically? higher than, lower than, to the left, to the right, nearer, further away (3d), earlier/later (if you use one of these dimensions as TIME).

What about the way that THREE bytes relate to one another?

What about how one group relates to another?
This row compares to that row?
Or answering questions like, “How many places can you find the word “Ken” in this? Or variations of Ken: “Ken/ken/kEn/keN/KEn/KeN/KEN/Enk/enk/eNk/enK/ENk/EnK/ENK/Nek/nek… oh I’m tired of doing that by hand…”

And for all the other things I didn’t include… I just wanted to show: that… given enough memory or space or processing power, you do anything you want on a computer.

June 26, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+



Anything you accept

as true, is true. Agreement is something else altogether. The key to happiness is acceptance. it is where peace comes from.

April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Time is the measure between events.

But if there is no input from the bodies senses (like eyes/touch/ears), there’s no time. People who are in comas do not experience time passing by. They wake up the same age they went in. Nothing happened.


April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


The only difference between a dream

and reality is we CHOOSE what is real. We all live in a dream world of our own choosing – and expect others to be a part of our dream. When they are not, we get mad, start fighting and wars. We choose to believe those who tell us what reality is. But we don’t have to. Our perspectives are always different. it is not possible for two objects – even eyes + brain to be in the same place at the same time moving in the same way.

April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


1) First you notice something

out of place 2) That creates a gap or void in you 3) You start when you decide to fill in the gap.
April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


By the age of four, you know

almost everything you need to know in life. You are fluent in whatever your primary languages are going to be. The rest of life is roleplaying. Consider four year olds roleplaying marriage – how complicated is that!?


April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


There are different types of infinities.

Easily mathematically proven – look up Cantor Infinities on Google to explain it or Youtube. Do we live after we die? Sure! How? I don’t know I have my own ideas. The way I view the nature of the Universe, from a dimension higher, all TIME simply “is”. We never die. We always live. Like many things in life, just because you don’t see something – or someone – doesn’t mean that it – or they – aren’t there!

April 17, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


AVOID: You are replacing yourself.

Let someone else deal with it.
Get someone to handle the problem INSTEAD OF you.

Say the magic words to the right person and it’s no longer your problem anymore.


Monitor the situation on occasion if you’re curious if it worked, but really, it’s off your back, not your problem, you’re free to carry on with your life.
July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+



Get someone to handle the problem WITH you. The “at least I’m not alone in this” answer. Share the effort, share the victory, share the failure. The “army” of “You and What army?”

July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


“Enemy? What enemy?

I don’t have any enemies. What is an enemy?”

Let them think or do what they want. They’re not important enough for you to care.

I don’t like you, love you, or hate you. I just don’t care about you. Do whatever you want to me, say whatever you want to me. It doesn’t affect me in any way at all. You’re not worth my time. But I’ll play along and pretend. If you want to talk, I’ll talk. If you want to yell, I’ll yell. If you want to fight, I’ll fight. But I really don’t care if I win or lose. I don’t care of you win or lose. I don’t care if I get hurt because I’ll heal. I don’t care if you say mean things about me or to me, because your words mean nothing to me. You don’t affect ME in any way at all. Want to start a rumor that I eat pancakes with my cat while standing on a toilet? Go ahead. Meaningless. Trying to get everybody to believe that I’m someone who can’t be trusted? Doesn’t matter. Did you succeed in getting people to think bad or wrong things about me? It’s ok – if they believe those things about me it doesn’t matter. Are you telling people my secrets that are true? It’s ok. “If that’s what you want to believe” is all I’ll say. Let them figure it out. Not worth MY energy or time to figure it out for them.

July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


FLOW: try to make them your friend

Co-operation, find something in common, act as if you want to be their friend, find things to do together. Say I’m sorry/Please/Thank You.

This is how little kids solve it. But, that solution can be very hard when you’ve already decided they’re not worth that kind of effort and don’t want to do it / lazy / don’t care / hate them too much. This answer can take a lot of work and dedication.


July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+



with them.
Find out something they need that you can provide.
“If I do this for you, can you be my friend/just leave me alone”
Much easier to do. If it works, it’s a Verbal Contract. It’s a just like a written CONTRACT that you sign. And yes, you can have it in writing too.


July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


AVOID. Neutral. No Talking Needed.


How to avoid someone with no substitutes to stand in your place. This takes a lot of PHYSICAL creativity. Ducking around corners, hiding, scheduling your time so you DON’T meet up with them.

More permanent avoiding involves moving to a different place completely, making the POTENTIAL for meeting up with the enemy again LESS LIKELY.

July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Fight. My enemy is my best friend,

in reverse.

Fending for yourself, with yourself, by yourself.

You have a lot of ways to fight. You can fight with your mind by thinking creatively how to win, you can use your mouth by verbally fighting, you can fight with your fists or feet or whole body or use tools or weapons.

Stand tall and proud and give it all you got if you choose the final option.

If keeping an enemy your enemy is important to you, then they deserve NOTHING but the BEST FROM YOU. Fight like you mean it.

Your enemy is your best friend, but in reverse.

I personally prefer NOT breaking any LAWS or doing things that you feel are WRONG. HOWEVER

That’s my opinion. Breaking laws and doing what’s wrong is something that people do every single day. It’s just as valid of a way to live your life as any. Mom and dad and teacher and police and court and religion and neighbors and family and friends may disagree with me saying that. but it’s true. Of course you can do it.

If you couldn’t do it, nobody would be doing it.

I can’t breath in the middle of the Sun, but I can break a law. I just choose not to.

I do choose to do what’s wrong sometimes.

Choosing right and wrong and good and evil and following laws or not is all CHOICE.

If you choose this option, you are likely to have to repeat it. Over and over and over again, in many different ways. Or perhaps the same way over and over again.

July 13, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Our Internet is just a fancy

telephone which is just a fancy telegraph.

June 25, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


#woah moment of the day:

Reality moves “faster than the speed of light”.

if a galaxy is 2.5 million light years away, that means we see its light – and location – as it was 2.5 million years ago. So – what does it look like RIGHT NOW!?

If you had a birds eye view of the universe, you’d see things as they are happening NOW not 2.5 million years ago!

August 12, 2011-Kenneth Udut-Google+


It’s the limitations of our species –

we don’t live very long and all we see travels through a 2 mm opening that constantly scans and builds an approximate model of its surroundings.

The fact that we can fit an object as large as galaxies through that 2 mm opening and burn our feelings and mental sketches about it inside of a ball of fat on top of our bodies… really is amazing.

May 22, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


learn to feel fortunate




say “thanks”


it puts you in control.


and takes away their power.


May 3, 2013–Kenneth Udut-Google+


A moment of confusion is like

standing in the doorway, looking at the doorjam. A foot is in each room. An eye is looking into each room at the same time. You look to the left, into a nearby room. You remember where you are. So when you look forward again, you know where you are and whether you wanted to go into that room or the other room or stay where you are. But either way, you no longer forgot where you were.

July 25, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Randomness means

ultimately that everything is connected to everything else through one central Area: The place where everything gets Processed.
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This is the beginning of an idea that I’m having. I had an inkling, about what happens when Your attention, your “noticing “, is pulled. I see it’s like a rubber sheet. Your attention can be pulled outwardly towards a loud noise, something you see out of the corner of your eye, words floating in the air that you overhear. More commonly, it is people demanding attention. Or quiet things in the background off in the distance.

Also, your attention can be pulled inwardly. Awe and amazement brings positive reinforcement to the idea. Or, a critical negative voice can appear that says “that’s stupid ” or some kind of guilt or shame. Also, you may have just remembered something. Or, you are hit by an intriguing idea. That one is my personal fave. Also pain, and your body can draw your attention.

. And finally the worst of all, the destroyer of the inkling of thoughts, our emotional thoughts. I call them the emotional thought blackhole. They destroy attention because They can suck you down into a movie. A circle. That goes around, and around, and around. Depression, sadness, anger, are all some of the emotional thoughts that can take away your attention for a long time.

Even positive thoughts can take your attention away. Love, can be a circle that never ends. This can be good, all of these things can be good, but, they will take away your attention from the present moment.

This is just the beginning of an idea that I have. I am hoping that some scientist has already done this work for me. But, I had to get it on paper. And while I was Thinking of this idea about what grabs your attention, I engaged myself in the difficult task of keeping the idea long enough to write it down.

Your short-term memory lasts for only 15 to 30 seconds at the most. This means that you have to use a number of tricks in order to hold on to your attention long enough to get it out of your head and onto paper, or spoken. I noticed a number of tricks that seemed to hold this idea in my head long enough for me to get it down now.

They include Roman room, chunking of ideas, turning them into a song which works for me because I have a musical temperament, and that will be the subject of my next thing.

April 22, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+
[May 22, 2014: I have revised my short-term idea down to about 6 seconds]


Here’s what I believe:

Every man is a nerd about something. A nerd in a GOOD way. it’ll be subjects that you know you can’t talk to most people about because they will start rolling their eyes at you… but when you find someone interested, you can keep going and going and going…

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I’m always trying to bring my brain

into the real world,
or the real world into my brain.

April 22, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I believe in using whatever tools

are available to discover what truth is.
I look under every rock and stone,
I look deep inside of me.
I look to how I was raised,
and how other people talk and behave.

April 23, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


An ACCURATE, Practical Guide

on how to be aware and live, be able to be absorbed in the moment and yet responsive to new stimuli that come at you, either from the inside or outside. Getting things done, sorting out your thoughts (what’s important, what isn’t), how to make quick decisions that are correct… How to edit what you say before you say it… and about a hundred other potentially impossible things.

But mostly in the end, a Thought Collector.

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I’ve been chasing after “notions”

/ “thoughts” that are fleeting, quick, don’t hang around long at all… and I feel a sense of loneliness and emptiness when they’re gone, irretrievable… and happiness when I capture them.

Butterflies of the mind.

April 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Minister, psychologist/therapist, professor.

I’m starting to see… that I may become all three.

1) Passionate about this, as a minister is passionate about faith.
2) Getting an understanding of the mind of self and other like a psychologist
3) Needing to be rigorously accurate and teach it to others.

April 24, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I don’t know fully how it works, but

I know all of reality is connected, and the streams of data that come in, and the mind that receives it and processes it all, most of it through the eye itself… actually changes how the eyes look to other people. It’s really quite amazing…

and somehow.. that’s why you can tell something about a person by their eyes.

I guess we’re able to “read eyes” like we read words… just not consciously. More like an extra “sense” that we haven’t documented yet.

July 28, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+ (A.G.)


The bandwidth of a hug,

all of the touch and sight and smell and sound and sensation inputs all streaming in at once and passing back and forth during a hug is, I think, perhaps the most genuine way one person can say Thank You to another person.


July 28, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


whenever someone inspires me,

I start writing and writing and writing and writing and writing….. I think ’cause it’s the only way I can hug the other person utilizing only the thin stream of electrons coming from deep within my brain and try to get it over to deep inside of yours over the bandwidth of the internet.

July 28, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Adults are just

big, hairy children sometimes.

July 24, 2011-Kenneth Udut-Google+


After a long note written to a friend,

Pascal, a guy who figured out some crazily useful math and science stuff that we have yet to beat some 400 years ago, apologized and said, “I would have been briefer if I’d had more time.” Ah – someone who understands why I’m so long-winded

May 5, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Compare what you see to

what you believe to be true. When it is different you learn something new


and connect it to something that’s already true for you

November 1, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Everybody has differing gifts. A

car engine baffles me and I have no interest in it whatsoever. But our mechanic can listen to the car, know exactly what’s wrong with it, and have it fixed up in less than an hour. That’s genius, to be able to mentally visualize the workings of a car and use your ear to give you the information you need. Everybody has their genius – and you shouldn’t judge someone by what they’re incapable of doing – but rather what they excel at. I just wish everybody gets a chance to prove themselves at least once in their life.

August 23, 2011-Kenneth Udut-Google+
[May 22, 2014 update: I’ve since learned everything about how an engine works.
I am even more impressed at good auto technicians than ever before]


Always be the first to clap.


Never be afraid to be the last one clapping.


Remember: You’re not clapping for the sake of the audience.


You are clapping for the sake of the performers.


Nov 14, 2012-Kenneth Udut-Google+


In the darkest moments, when

you are feeling completely alone, think of the people who have taken the time and chose to do or say something for YOU.

January 29, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Now I can finally answer

that question, “Hey Ken? What’s your favorite color?”

Ultramarine Blue, my friend.
Ultramarine Blue.

May 20, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Any great discovery should

appear to be so obvious that you feel like you’ve always known it.

And any great idea, seems like it’s always been around. And ideas of the past, suddenly seem to have been saying this all along when in fact, they did not.

May 17, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Applies to everything:

Question: What happened?

The answer is always a story.

Is the story true?

Could be. It all depends if you believe it.

The story that is always true is: “I don’t know.”

Because no matter how much you know, there’s always more that you don’t know.

May 5, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Are the idiots the ones who

follow the crowd
or the ones who make their own paths?


It is a matter of who is doing the judging, for the pathmaker often sees the crowd followers as idiots for having a groupmind, and the crowd followers often see the pathmaker and say, “Get with the program, you idiot!”.


To me, there are no idiots.


People simply follow the path they choose, whether it be as groups or as individuals.
November 17, 2012-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Back in the 3rd Grade

I remember some friends mocking me for always being the first to clap, or clapping after everybody stopped. I always wanted to clap first, clap the loudest. I didn’t care about my friends making fun of me – I wasn’t clapping for them; being someone who was put on stage a lot as a kid for piano recitals and plays, I *knew* how it felt to be standing up there.

Every clap counts.

May 22, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Facebook


I like staying at the outskirts

of groups, one foot in, one foot out


May 22, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I may run a business,

have a mortgage and a beard,
but I never stopped being me.

May 22, 2014-Kenneth Udut-Vine


Are you, who you are,

in relation to other people, or are you, who you are, with respect to yourself? If you define yourself based on your relationship with other people, what if the other people are no longer around? Then who are you? That is the question everyone must face in their lives at some point in time or another. For no role you play lasts forever, and relationships change. But who you are to yourself – that is something you carry with you wherever you go, at whatever stage in life you are in. Coming to an understanding of self is, perhaps, one of the most difficult problems faced by each of the seven billion individuals on this planet. A task that takes a lifetime. But be aware: the first mirror you see will be a carnival mirror – distorted, misshapen, based upon the images of self brought to you by those around you and by false impressions of self set in stone when you were very young. It takes many iterations of clearing the dust off the mirror, of reshaping it, before you reach a true picture of self. I do not know what happens when you reach that point: I only hope to reach it myself before I leave this place. But it is a lifetime of exciting discovery – it is never boring, and always illuminating. Be not afraid – everybody else has to look at you – now i dare you to look at yourself. Are you ready? You can wait for now, but on a dark and lonely night, about 4 am, it will happen. Get a notepad and pen ready and start writing, for you will learn more about yourself and all of humanity in the darkness than many people learn in a lifetime of distraction.

January 9, 2012-Kenneth Udut-Google+


“write it down before

you forget –
and you have only a few seconds to do it in
before it’s gone”

July 6, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


Everything feels like

smooth glass.

My skin, everything I touch – even this very keyboard in front of me.

July 6, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I live for those moments –

when you see the “spark” of “I get it!” in someone’s eyes – no matter the age.
May 29, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


I try to learn or

do at least one impossible thing every day.
May 29, 2013-Kenneth Udut-Google+


The present I think is

a comparison between what just happened and what we anticipate to happen next on a continual basis. And there, I think, must be two “presents” for us- the present we consciously experience and the present moment experienced by our unconscious systems -an ever so slight lag within us.

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