“You are a *very* open-minded person, which is wonderful to see; not too many people are, I’m afraid.”

"You are a *very* open-minded person, which is wonderful to see; not too many people are, I'm afraid."
    Hi there. :)  I read through your id file more carefully, and I like
it a lot.  You are a *very* open-minded person, which is wonderful to
see; not too many people are, I'm afraid.  It's also good to see how
much friends mean to you; so many individuals are concerned with finding
a life-long partner, they forget the importance of having friends too.
    I don't really get along with children very well myself, but I
understand and agree fully with your views.  My own inability to relate to
young children is mainly due to being an only child, I think, combined with the
fact I never know what to do when anyone (children *or* adults! :) throws
temper tantrums.  I thought your statements about kids growing up, and
the kind of education they get in school, was particular insightful.
Kids are not taught how to get along with one another, how to be kind,
or tolerant; they are simply taught "skills," like reading and math.  Those
skills are very important, it is true, but they are *NOT* the whole picture.
I attended both public and private schools while growing up, and I found
the problem to be inherent in both; in fact, the private school was *worse*.
The kids at the private school actually seemed to spend more time taking out
their frustrations and feelings of inadequacy on others than the average kid at
a public school.  School systems seem to intentionally foster competition
among youngsters, instead of cooperation for the most part, and this probably
helps acerbate the problem as well.
     Of course, the school system is, by far, not all of the problem.  If the
schools are teaching tolerance and social skills, while the parents are
teaching racism and hate, then it really won't do much good.  But that's
another issue entirely.
     I wrote a fictional story about child abuse, called "Silent Cry."  Many
people seem to think it's one of my best, and a good friend of mine who loves
children as much as you do absolutely loved it.  He said it made him cry, and
that it illustrated how the children must be saved.  Those are his words,  not
mine; but I'm sure you get the idea.
     I agree too that relay is a great place to meet people.  It allows
people to be judged on the basis of their personality, rather than other
factors, and that's *great*.
     You mention you like Music Composition.  Do you actually write your own
songs?  I used to play the organ a lot; unfortunately, that is no longer
possible since I no longer own one.  The original organ is sitting at my
parent's house rusting its little innards out; they'd probably let me have it
if I really wanted it, but there's nothing left *to* have.  It doesn't really
work anymore, the sound is screechy and some of the selections don't work. The
repairman said it was so bad it wasn't worth fixing.  Someday I hope to get a
synthesizer or another organ, but it will be a LONG time before I have that
kind of money.
     Anyway, I really enjoyed talking to you today, and I hope we can
continue the conversation.
                             'til later,
                              Kathleen (Wolffriend)

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