You are a time traveler. “Could have had” is an alternate timeline travel. It’s real. You already do it.

I’m already a Time Traveler. We’re all time travelers. [how else could we come up with the concept?]

Some of Time moves like an arrow or like gravity sucking us towards the future.

But our imagination, which takes place in a physical brain, travels through Time constantly. We show it in movies, literature and in our thinking. In English, “Could have had”. – BOOM – Alternate Timeline Travel. We Time Travel daily.

It’s nothing novel. I already travel through Time.

What would I change? Tell my younger self what I’ve learned so far. That’s what I’m doing already. I have a few younger selves I’m working on right now.

Well, I don’t mind who I am. There’s a few things I’d like to entirely erase, yet if I did, I wouldn’t be who I am now. I’ve mentally lived many of my alternate Timelines, played the “What if?” game and I enjoy doing it like anybody else. They would have been equally acceptable. I’m ashamed of a few of my actions, and there’s people that I used to want to blot out of existence… but not now.

If I went to Juliard and didn’t say “no”, I’d be in a life as a concert pianist. It would’ve been fine. But I didn’t. If I went to India for 5 years in ’93 to start up a Computer Company with a rich co-worker who was going back to change his dad’s shoe business and go into computers, I’d have been fine. [2 years before Windows ’95 – I bet they’re huge now]. But I wouldn’t have come back in 5 years. I knew that at age 21.

I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve had and… the fact is… I can already change the past and do it anytime I explore alternate corridors of the maze. I like what I see, and I also like the corridor of the maze I’m in now. It’s as good as any of the alternatives. For whatever reason, this is the path I’ve chosen so far, given the choices that were available to me.

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