You also have to note when you talk about correlation in neurology,

Naveed Akhtar
You also have to note when you talk about correlation in neurology,

Which patterns come before the input and which comes after and when

Stimulus and response is not enough.

If you were using studies that involve responses to input that happened after n400, it’s entirely under our conscious control at that point.

There is no ifs and or butts – you are capable of telling your own responses to yourself after that point in time.

This eliminates an extraordinary amount of studies that are used.

It doesn’t invalidate them but if you want to talk about what is conscious or unconscious, you have to eliminate everything past 400ms

If the studies are longer than 400ms, and you can use psychology or sociology or linguistics or philosophy or any field that uses words because It Is by that point in time that the grammar systems kick in fully.

So if you exclusively work between 0 and 400 milliseconds,

This leaves you with a very small window of time to work with

Then you have to find out did they study only vision and not auditory?

If the whole pre n400 study is exclusively vision, then the responses are all to do with visual.

They won’t apply to the olfactory which works differently and does not go through the thalamus etc

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