You _can_ make a difference but make sure you let others be themselves too.

Life is what it is.
It won’t conform to our wishes, no matter how strong we make them, no matter how much we work for it.
We might influence some.
Help some.
Change some.
Fix ourselves even.
But life?
It won’t conform to our wishes.
It can’t.
It’s too complicated.
We’re too small.
Infinite, yes.
But, small.

Oddly enough, it’s ok.

If you haven’t fixed yourself, how can you fix the world?

It’s rude yes. But – can you cope?

If you can’t cope, you have to learn.

You must!

You’re still here.

That’s the most powerful statement you can make to the world.

“I’m still here”.

Nice would be nice. But, we bullshit ourselves as much as the world bullshits us. It sucks, it’s annoying. I avoid rudeness when I find it, or I learn skills on how to cope with it. Not everybody can of course. It’s not easy. 3rd grade wasn’t easy. Puberty wasn’t easy. Adulthood hasn’t been easy so far.

But you’re still here.

You’ve had opportunities. You STILL have opportunities. You _can_ make a difference.

But making the world conform to our wishes of niceness? If billions of people haven’t succeeded in making the world conform to their ideals, what makes us special?

We are special, yes.

But let’s say you want to use politics to change the world.

Who survived politics without becoming corrupt in some way?

What purity remains?

Any? Some? A little?

What if you want to change the world with a book.

You can, of course.

But then, you have to sell yourself by learning marketing. Business. Compromise.

It sucks.

But life’s like that.

Look at how much you’ve managed to get through so far and – you’re still here. Not everybody is so lucky. But YOU – you are lucky. You’re HERE. You can _become_ the person that helps change the world, by BEING kind. By NOT giving in and becoming “just like them”.

So what if you’re “too nice”? You don’t have to be a pushover either. But if you are a pushover and you’re ok with it? Then SO WHAT? Be yourself. Fuck the rest of the world. And to whoever said it, I’m over 30 and I dropped the F-bomb. it’s like adding hot pepper to a dish when it needs a little kick in the teeth.

Be yourself. I was going to say “fuck the haters” but, no. I ‘fuck’ hate itself I turn haters into friends. Haters are lonely, bitter, don’t know how to make friends. They never learned. It’s sad really. Rude, bitter people – we can become them easily, you know. REALLY easily.

Nothing like tarnished idealism.

You can make your dreams real. But, not by making everybody else conform to your dreams. They won’t. They can’t. They have their own dreams. Just as you want your own dreams, they have a right to their dreams too.


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