Yet, where to strike the balance? I don’t know.

I believe both are necessary for a functioning society.

Traditionally, education for job creation has received a lower peg on the respectability scale. If you went to “vocational” training in high school, it was a lower rung; people looked down at you who were going to college.

Even today, the MBA is looked down upon among academics.

Yet, it’s practical and it’s education.

But the trend has been shifting. The focus on job creation has been starting to become stronger in colleges as people (who? I don’t know) demand results for their financial investment.

This can be good; more jobs, better economy, etc.

But then, what if that’s all it became? If only “practical” subjects are allowed, what happens to art? literature? history?

Yet, where to strike the balance? I don’t know.


Is education valuable in itself? As an end to itself?
It’s a tough question. I believe it does; i get great pleasure out of learning. It’s addictive, honestly. But what is the purpose? Does it need a purpose? Does it need a value-attached as if it is a form of money?


Also, you might not realize it, but by posting, you put yourself into a leadership role. I see your posts and you look like a leader of the group. You are a leader of the group.

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