yet the need to get it out of your system is strong, I think it can be useful.

Yeah if you have controversial opinions you don’t want associated with you, you probably should. Set up a new gmail and an acct and don’t tie it into your current email.
In a way it’s dishonest but at the same time, if you don’t want to lose friendships/relationships, yet the need to get it out of your system is strong, I think it can be useful.
There’s always the chance that your other account will be discovered by the people you don’t want to find it. So, there’s that. So, you have to weigh it out.
 I hear ya. There’s some thing I just don’t post on Facebook because I have *so much family* on here. Cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, nieces, nephews… so I don’t post anything controversial or “too creative” unless I’m willing to stand behind it and deal with their criticism. For that stuff, I’ve got youtube, fb, used to have Vine, Instagram, iFunny, etc- places they don’t go.
 You can also set up groups on FB that exclude certain people from seeing those posts. That’s another possibility. I never trusted it but a lot of ppl use it.
 I think what you’re dong is more honest than setting up trolling accounts ’cause you’re not looking to hurt other people.
haha it’s true. Cheap rayovac beat both energizer and duracell in my tests of AA + AAA batteries. I dont’ know about the other sizes.
[these are basic alkaline tests – not the fancy ones]
It has to be rayovac with the furthest away date of course but that’s true with any battery.
I think they’re usually fresher BECAUSE they’re cheaper and fly off the shelf faster. The stores have to replace them more frequently, meaning newer, fresher batteries. Duracell + Energizer are more expensive, don’t get bought as much, and get stale. That’s my hypothesis.
 Test for yourself. Check the date though. #1 important. Might have to pull them from the back of the thing. Don’t worry about people laughing. It’s your money. I found store-brand batteries always suck, except Ace Hardware (theirs are good). Dollar store batteries of course are shit.
 Stores usually put the oldest ones in front, newest ones in back. They want to get rid of the old ones first. Makes sense.
  If I *had* to to duracell or energizer though, I’d _probably_ get energizer. I remember I liked their high-energy devices one once.
 I’ll leave you to your copper-top gods. I respect all relgion.

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