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Kenneth Udut            Chapter 5 lecture questions                     March 13, 2002



Baby Space Heater:

XYZ Corp is not being socially responsive, for while the heater passes government standards, meeting its social obligation, it is not socially responsive, for baby space heaters that are more likely to cause fires than other competitors will not be seen as favorable to the public.

I would ask for modifications to be made to the spaceheater so that, within a certain profit margin, and a certain margin of safety to match the competitors, it could be produced.


Managers need to use the utilitarian view of ethics as a motivator or a “push”, especially in quickly changing situations, but temper this view with the rights view of ethics. I would prefer it if managers used the rights view of ethics FIRST, but utilitarian, seems to be the rule of thumb, at least at my company. But then again, the first-level managers, while verbally espousing the utilitarian views of their managers in public, will, in private, and in little subtle decisions here and there that greatly affect the operatives, actually espouse a rights view of ethics!




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