Yet, I don’t think we even need to go that far – complexity in itself to me, is enough.

it feels good when the brain goes “pop pop pop” and all these connections start coming together. I live for those moments and try to have them as often as possible smile emoticon

[it’s an addiction tongue emoticon ]

I think Carl Sagan spoke once about a possible future scientific religion – one that is somewhat pantheistic (might have been a different word) – but that is similar to the stuff you mentioned. It’s difficult terrain to navigate because there’s a lot of kookiness when you get here, and it’s hard to find role models that don’t immediately jump into quantum spookiness.

Yet, I don’t think we even need to go that far – complexity in itself to me, is enough.

I’ll buy it and promote it wherever I go smile emoticon I never actually made it into the world of atheism. I skirted close but I always seemed to teeter between religion, spiritual and agnostic (a truly “I-*don’t*-know” position) – so I don’t know what it’s like on the atheist side of things.

Yeah. I’ve been disappointed in Hawking over the past few years. He bought into the New Atheist movement and a lot its assumption, including the “Straw God” (instead of Strawman) – that he put up and then tried to prove didn’t exist. The thing is – I don’t know ANYBODY who believe in the God he portrayed.

He did a special on TV a few years ago, showing how the Universe doesn’t require God, using some fancy math and a nice idea of a self-purpetuating Universe of some kind…and then published a book on the subject and declared his atheism publically. I think the book was mostly ghostwritten and signed off by him but still, he stands behind it. He’s been quoted in a bunch of places on the topic. I just remember seeing the special and whenever he talked about God or religions, I remember thinking, “That doesn’t sound like a God I’ve ever heard anybody believing in…”

Well, I don’t think there’s any human that’s free from magical thinking of some kind. I think we all do it in some fashion. It’s easy to notice the weirdly-religious because they make it so darn obvious, but I think we all do it in more subtle, perhaps socially acceptable ways.

That’s great! I love discovering ppl who are super-knowledgable about stuff. I like finding where somebody’s “nerd” side is. I always learn something.

I have the same problem. That’s why I keep writing and writing and writing everywhere I go online. I save it now – maybe it’ll self-organize into a ‘something’ someday.

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